Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Project No.8b Store Opening Party

Brandon looking very regal while he reads Pin-up magazine, wearing his Issey Miyake cardigan and pleated pants.

While I was lusting over the unwearable Margiela heels that I wrote about a couple days ago at the Project No. 8 store, Daniel, who is probably the most dedicated sales person I've ever met, invited my friend Erik and I to stop by the opening of their new men's store, Project No. 8b. It's always exciting to hear that in spite of tough economic times, some of my favorite boutiques are doing well, and even are expanding. Even though Erik had to go back Stockholm, I headed over to the opening party with Brandon.

Project No. 8b is roomier than the original tiny shop (which will become completely devoted to womenswear), while maintaining the same minimalist aesthetic. The store isn't actually set to open for another two weeks, and in the meantime is still encased in its plywood construction shell, which I am assuming will come down, but looks kinda cool nonetheless. Of course the most stylish crowd of men turned out for the event, and Brandon and I couldn't help but ogle a gaggle of boys in head-to-toe CDG. I wish I could have gotten better pictures, but we were literally smashed up against everyone else, and the few garments that they had put up for display were barely visible through all of the bodies. Anyway, I can't wait for the store to finally open, and to see what new goodies they have in store for the women's shop!

Margiela trainers and boxes of Schiesser underwear.

Inside the store there were hoards of well dressed men, including a crew of Japanese boys dressed in CDG. The store is basically a white glass cube that is currently encased in a plywood box.

A Margiela Oxford shoe with tons of tiny nails embedded in the heel. I suppose it's the male equivalent to my Margiela nail bootie?

A crappy picture of the unwearable Margiela heel through the window of the original Project No.8 store.

The original Project No. 8 shop.

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Shen-Shen said...

I like the little nails in the oxford!

Cruz said...

I love that guy's outfit and those oxfords are very cool I want a pair. Sorry to hear about those heels, they're knockouts.

joy said...

I am putting this on my list of places to shop when I come to NY.

Susie Bubble said...

I never got to Project No. 8 last time I was there.... awww....good to see Brandon rocking another awesome outfit...