Friday, May 1, 2009

Hercules and Love Affair DJ Set Tonight!

Hercules and Love Affair's video for Blind

For the past week, I've been incredibly excited about the Hercules and Love Affair DJ set that will be taking place tonight at Webster Hall. For those of you who still haven't heard their ridiculously catchy band, whose members include Antony Hegarty from Antony and the Johnsons, as well as our friend Kim Ann Foxman, do yourself a favor and check it out ASAP on their Myspace. It's really awesome to see Kim Ann Foxman doing such a cool project, and before Hercules and Love Affair, she worked as a DJ who spun at Six Six Sick numerous times, in addition to being a sought after jewelry designer. Her jewelry mainly features family crests, seals, and shields, and while Kim Ann says that she's still going to try and continue designing her line, she has less and less time for it due to the increased success of the band. Here's hoping that she continues, but in the meantime, you can pick it up at Opening Ceremony and Oak.

Hercules and Love Affair. L-R: Antony Hegerty, Nomi Ruiz, Andy Butler, and Kim Ann Foxman

Necklaces from Kim Ann Foxman's jewelry line, which consists mainly of family crests and shields.


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