Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Get Sketched by Richard Haines!!!

Richard Haines's sketch of me at the Helle Mardahl opening that we hosted last Wednesday night!

When my friend and former boss, Richard Haines, did one of his trademark loose sketches of me and posted it on his blog What I Saw Today, I was ecstatic.  I love Richard's work, and also was flattered that I was one of the few lucky females to make it on the site, which is more geared towards men's style.  Anyway, now those of you who live in New York also will have a chance to get sketched by Richard, if you haven't already been picked up by his discerning eye.  As part of the launch of the new J. Crew Men's store that just opened in Soho at 484 Broadway (right next to Topshop!), Richard's original drawing will be on display in the windows of the store, and he will be at the store in person to sketch customers on Tuesday, May 12th and Saturday, May 16th, from 12 - 2pm and 4 - 6pm.  Make sure to stop by and say hello!

Also, in completely unrelated news, see What I'm Into Right Now on Sarah's blog, Public Personae.

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Cruz said...

Very cool sketch! He's talented. :)

Winnie said...

Oh that is awesome, I'd love to see that screenprinted on to a tee!

Boubou said...

i love the illustration !!!
i love your blog i know it thanks to my friend : la chauve souris !
very very amazing blog :)

a très bientot !


May Kasahara said...

oh I totally want to go~~~!!!
wish i wasn't working boooo.