Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Freak on The Street

Wearing our House of Flora hats out on the town.  I think they make us look like Lego people, so we took this picture in front of a Lego display.  Christina: Rodebjer top, Erin Fetherston for Target dress, Marc x Marc Jacobs boots.  Tiffany: Topshop trench, CDG x H&M blouse, Future Classics top, Safe by Rebecca Turbow shorts, Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes, Antti Asplund necklaces.

I've worn everything from fake taxidermy crows and pigeons, leopard masks, and gigantic floral poofs on my head, in addition to numerous outlandish hats, but nothing has ever garnered 1/100th of the attention that this House of Flora PVC Beret gets walking down the streets of Manhattan.  Comments usually ranged from "what the hell are you wearing on your head" to "where did you get that" to wordless knocking on the hat.  More creative sidewalk commentators noted the semblance of the beret to a condom, a nipple, and a school fire bell.  Needless to say, this isn't the kind of hat to wear when you want to go unnoticed, and like our facepaint outfits, I highly suggest avoiding this look if you happen to be in the market for a suitable mate, since it will exclusively attract the attention of people you would probably rather not meet.  Seeing as I am married, and Christina is in a relationship of almost ten years, we feel open to the reckless abandon of regularly looking like complete and total freaks.  In fact, if I were to compare the look to anything, it might be Schlitze the Pinhead of Freaks (will spare you the picture as it might scare the more sensitive ones out there).

We first became obsessed with the plastic beret when we saw Helle wearing it at her gallery opening two weeks ago, and when a sweet tipster commented that we could find the hats at Opening Ceremony, we headed there immediately and picked up a matching pair of plastic berets for ourselves.  Aside from adding that certain freak-factor to our quotidian outfits, seeking out the PVC Beret also lead me to discovering the fabulousness that is the House of Flora, who not only designs hats, but jewelry, and all sorts of editorial-friendly accessories.  Based in London and designed by Flora McLean, many of the designs incorporate PVC and plastics, and in addition to designing House of Flora, McLean has collaborated with the likes of Givenchy and Blumarine.  I suggest everybody take a wander through her website to see all the magical creations she has made, and believe me, if I ever get the chance, I will be trying to acquire even more freaky plastic headgear in the very near future.  I'll just make sure to simultaneously invest in a tazer to ward off all the other freaks and creeps when I wear them.

A headpieces for the Givenchy Couture Fall 05 show.

Another plastic headband made for the Givenchy Couture Fall 05 collection.

A headpiece made for Blumarine.

House of Flora Fall 09, which features laser-cut text, stamped rubber, and mesh.

Rubber hair hat, or "hairt," made in collaboration with hairstylist Neil Moodie.  

A giant starburst headpiece, also guaranteed to get you a lot of attention.

An oversized visor

The infamous PVC Beret in black

My own grey PVC Beret at home

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Mare P said...

all these head pieces!! it's eye candy. love the House of Flora

Shen-Shen said...

It DOES look a little like a nipple/condom, but I like it! (Not sure what that says about me.)

Lydia said...

Christina, I totally have that dress! I loved it to death when I first got it, but now, it seems so...blase. Now, I have the inspiration to try and style it in a new way! Love the hats ladies, sometimes people need a dose of "WTF" in their lives =P

Amanda said...

very cool! i also must point out it resembles a half-melted hershey kiss

bleeding hearts said...

haven't commented before - discovered your blog recently and ran through ALL your archives. I love your work! The House of Flora hats are amazing. Came across the label's bracelets and almost bought them sometime ago. I think the hats look fab on you both. Since I am on the lookout for a suitable mate I should probably take your advise and pass on that hat :(

dirtydirtylaundry said...

My first reaction was: KISSES! I need to get cool hats, you guys are so great with your bold fashion ventures!

KATLIN said...

Unrelated, but is it really that warm in NY to wear dresses and shorts? I'm coming on Saturday and don't know what to wear for the weather!

Florence 17 Australia. said...

this post made me laugh, you guys have great confidence, the hat is so, so cute!