Sunday, May 31, 2009

Margiela Babies

Carlo and Dom wearing their Margiela Sample Sale finds.

I didn't get the memo about the Margiela sample sale last month (Brendan James, weren't you supposed to text us?!), and apparently I really missed out, since Dom and Carlo were both wearing their finds last night to Allegra's barbecue at LaViola Bank. Carlo, who is a designer for Zero Maria Cornejo, and Dom, who sells his t-shirt line, AntoineDom and Barneys, are two of my favorite and most fashionable gays. I had to capture their outfits on my camera phone, since my real camera is still defunct (my new Canon Rebel arriving in the mail on Tuesday), so you can't really see all the incredible pouches on Dom's vest, which is unfortunate. Still, these photos were too adorable not to post, and I also had to put up this picture of the two of them at Project No. 8, wearing the Bless chain fringe glasses of my dreams. Love you boys, even if you dissed my party to go somewhere totally gaytown!!!

Carlo and Dom wearing the Bless fringed chain glasses.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Dark Knight: DIY Crusader Dress

Six Six Sick Dress and Jeffrey Campbell chain heels.

For the Spellbound party we did for Violet Hour on Friday, Christina and I wanted to make something extra special. We thought our outfits should convey the dark and Gothic inspired tone of the night, but wanted to avoid being too overtly campy or literal about the theme. Christina thought it would be cool to translate an old 66S medieval knight-inspired outfit, which had been made out of sheer mesh with a sequined cross on top, into a nicer, finished dress. While I hand stitched the sequined crosses from giant gunmetal paillettes, Christina constructed a flowing, drapey dress from sheer black chiffon, which she finished at the edges with twill tape. The instructions for making the dress are a bit too complicated to explain (sorry), but making the sequined cross applique isn't that difficult, and only took me about 2 hours per cross.

We started by cutting out the crosses from interfacing, making them about 2 1/2 inches wide. I slowly zigzagged the sequins up, eyeballing the distance between each row and column of sequins to be 3/4 inch apart. I think we ended up using about 450 paillettes per cross. When we were finished, we whip-stitched the top portion of the cross to the bodice of the dress, making sure that the bottom of the horizontal bar of the cross lay flush against the seam of the empire-waist of the dress. We let the bottom part of the vertical bar of the cross hang loose over the flowy lower portion of the dress, so it would move more naturally. We were really happy with the results, and I'll probably try and think of more things to embellish with plenty of sequins now that I'm starting to get into the rhythm of it.

Sorry for the absolutely atrocious camera phone pictures, my real camera is still completely broken, and I need to go out and buy a new one! In the meantime, my weirdly distorted iPhone photos will have to do.

The back of the dress is low cut.

Zig-zagging the sequins up and across the cross.

The finished cross sewn onto the bodice of the dress.


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sample Sale Season

Sample sale season is here, and I'm really excited to finally be able to start affording things. While there are plenty of sales going on, I'm still on a limited budget, and only make the time to spread my wallet for the very best. For those of you who are in New York, you should definitely stop by The News sample sale which is starting tomorrow. I usually stop by late on the last day, when they discount everything further, and always end up picking up something, whether it's for myself, or as a gift for the significant males (brother and husband) in my life. Jimmy's birthday is coming up, and it's really a good sale for the boys.

Also, my former office neighbors, VPL are having a sample sale starting tomorrow at their offices on 39 W 38th St. Although the prices are a bit high for a sample sale, I always love their knits and shoes (and of course their underwear), and am hoping to get another pair of sandals, since I wear my current pair every day of the summer. Plus, if you're lucky, you might get a sneak peak of Victoria's awesome inspiration board...


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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just The Two of Us

A couple of days ago, Christina and I were at an incredible vintage shop around the corner from her apartment in Williamsburg. Run down, un-trendy, and completely cheap, the little rag shop was filled with vintage dresses from the 60's and 70's, my favorite choice of attire throughout my college years. Lately though, in this Alexander Wang-ed out world, most of the bigger vintage shops have stopped buying these "less relevant" pieces in favor of the vintage 80's driven punk looks that are selling so well. I myself have sold 90% of the flimsy polyester dresses that I loved so much. Now I still feel slightly nostalgic for that look, but am wondering if there's a new and interesting way to wear these vintage pieces, without looking too retro.

I immediately thought of one of my favorite films, Sedmikrasky (Daisies), a new wave Czech film from the 60's, featuring the adventures of two outlandish acting females named Marie. For each one of their riotous antics--like setting loads of streamers hanging from their bedroom ceiling on fire, getting smashed and having a very grand food fights, or literally swinging from chandeliers---they dress in appropriately fun attire. While pretty 60's dresses abound, they're matched with expertly tousled hair, deep dark kohl eyeliner, and a daisy-chain crown. It just shows that you can be both pretty and subversive at the same time. Here are some of my favorite moments, and you can watch the entire film on youtube (my favorite scene, which I can't embed, is here!   Maybe it's time to go back to the vintage shop and pick up a few of those dresses?


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Monday, May 25, 2009

The Antiques Garage

A totally insane looking knit jacket with this lady emblazoned on the back reminds me of GnarJen.

After multiple visits to the ever-popular, hipster-abundant Brooklyn Flea, I asked myself why I never walked a couple of blocks from my apartment, and visited the famous Antiques Garage flea market in Chelsea, which has been open every weekend for as long as I can remember. Located in a two-story Garage on 25th St between 6th and 7th Avenue, almost every designer I know has recommended this place as an excellent source for vintage inspiration pieces, and always suggest arriving at dawn to ensure the best pick of goods. Since I'm not exactly an early-riser, I made my way over in the late afternoon last weekend, and while I found that the selection of vintage was much better than your average flea, nice pieces were often matched with exorbitant price-tags. I realize that most of the designers I've worked with were shopping on the company credit card, but for your average shopper, it certainly isn't a bargain.

That said, it is an excellent place to browse for inspiration, with the highlight being the massive amounts of vintage jewelry vendors on hand. Multiple vendors at the Chelsea sell vintage Bakelite, and one gorgeous Bakelite heart broach was selling for $800. I also spotted many items of jewelry that are so antiquated an uncommon to be relegated to the texts of jeweler's history books. Though the prices of most of the pieces were out of my range (even after any amount of haggling), there were also several vendors who sold beads, findings, and overstock castings, all at a very reasonable price, and perfect for younger jewelry designers, or people with Etsy stores.  It's definitely worth stopping by for a peek.

Anyway, I hope you all have been having a lovely Memorial Day Weekend. I've been at my friends wedding in Connecticut, and although it was lovely, I not only suffered the loss of the heel of a never-worn pair of Chanel stilettos in the mud, but also managed to crack the screen on my camera so it's mostly useless.  Excuse my lack of half-decent photos until further notice... 

A case full of super-expensive vintage and antique costume jewelry.

The Garage was full of vintage dresses from the 40's-the 80's, and everything in-between.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Spellbound- Tonight!

This is late notice, but tonight we are hosting the EP Release party for our BFF Shelley's band Violethour. They will be performing at 10:00, along with our friends Autodrone. We will also be celebrating the latest issue of our friend Joshua's zine, Side Effects, which includes the ghost photoshoot that we partook in, and the latest collection of Arms and Armory Jewelry.  Sorry for not posting this earlier, but Christina and I have been hard at work and super-stressed about our outfits for tonight (DIY to come).  It's going to be an amazing night, so please stop by, and say Six Six Sick at the door for free entry!

Also, if you haven't entered our Modepass Contest yet, today is your last day to enter!  Do it!

Chris and Shelley of Violethour

A shot of Christina and I from our ghost themed shoot with Joshua for Side Effects zine.

Jeremy from Autodrone.  He DJ's the upstairs party on Tuesday at Happy Ending, and will also be doing a DJ set tonight!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summertime Clothes

The inimitable Andrew Andrew dressed in head-to-toe Tommy Hilfiger (they came from DJing an event for the company).

Yesterday night before heading over to Six Six Sick, I stopped by Allegra's gallery, LaViola Bank, for a dinner celebrating Helle Mardahl's exhibition. Even after hosting the gallery opening and the afterparty for Helle, I still can't get enough of her, and it was such a pleasure to get to sit down in a more calm setting and have a chance to talk with everybody, and enjoy the first barbecue of the season.  Helle looked stunning, and slightly calmer now, and I got to meet her best friend from Denmark, Stine Goya, who designs an incredible women's wear line.  Our DJ's from the afterparty, and favorite matching males (who are the perfect counterparts for three matching females like us), Andrew Andrew, were the scene stealers/makers of the night.  They're probably the only two people who have ever walked into a buyers meeting with Julie Gilhart at Barneys to show off their line of empty hangers (it didn't sell).  I was originally planning on meeting some friends at the Betsey Johnson benefit party nearby, but got so caught up, I didn't want to leave until I absolutely had to go to Happy Ending.  Luckily Helle, Jesper and Maja joined me there.  Anyway, here are some pictures of my very lovely (and impeccably dressed) companions for the evening.

Allegra and I hanging out in the back yard of LaViola Bank, where her boyfriend Forrest prepared the most amazing barbecue.  I wore my Six Six Sick porcelain flower top and skirt, and went straight to Happy Ending afterwards to meet a matching Christina.

Jesper (who styled all the outfits for Helle's opening), Helle, and Maja.

Helle and Maja looking stunning as always...

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Project No.8b Store Opening Party

Brandon looking very regal while he reads Pin-up magazine, wearing his Issey Miyake cardigan and pleated pants.

While I was lusting over the unwearable Margiela heels that I wrote about a couple days ago at the Project No. 8 store, Daniel, who is probably the most dedicated sales person I've ever met, invited my friend Erik and I to stop by the opening of their new men's store, Project No. 8b. It's always exciting to hear that in spite of tough economic times, some of my favorite boutiques are doing well, and even are expanding. Even though Erik had to go back Stockholm, I headed over to the opening party with Brandon.

Project No. 8b is roomier than the original tiny shop (which will become completely devoted to womenswear), while maintaining the same minimalist aesthetic. The store isn't actually set to open for another two weeks, and in the meantime is still encased in its plywood construction shell, which I am assuming will come down, but looks kinda cool nonetheless. Of course the most stylish crowd of men turned out for the event, and Brandon and I couldn't help but ogle a gaggle of boys in head-to-toe CDG. I wish I could have gotten better pictures, but we were literally smashed up against everyone else, and the few garments that they had put up for display were barely visible through all of the bodies. Anyway, I can't wait for the store to finally open, and to see what new goodies they have in store for the women's shop!

Margiela trainers and boxes of Schiesser underwear.

Inside the store there were hoards of well dressed men, including a crew of Japanese boys dressed in CDG. The store is basically a white glass cube that is currently encased in a plywood box.

A Margiela Oxford shoe with tons of tiny nails embedded in the heel. I suppose it's the male equivalent to my Margiela nail bootie?

A crappy picture of the unwearable Margiela heel through the window of the original Project No.8 store.

The original Project No. 8 shop.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Thanks Solestruck!

Since The Jeffery Campbell shoes on Solestruck were out of stock in my size, I went for these Betseyville clogs. I have wanted a pair of wooden clogs ever since Viktor and Rolf Fall 07.

I am wearing a vintage secretary blouse, Dior Homme tank, Six Six Sick skirt, and my new clogs!

I loved this show even though they got a lot of slack from it.

Here are the traditional Dutch clogs that I am going to import. I kind of want the blank ones so that I can go crazy with some paint!

Melissa shoes makes these SUPER COMFORTABLE clogs.


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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Unwearable Perfect

Maison Martin Margiela oversized shoe.

It was love at first sight when I saw Martin Margiela's disco-mirror covered heels in the window of Project No. 8 last month.  I prayed for them to go on sale, and would still be entertaining ridiculous future outfit possibilities in my head if I hadn't gone into the store to get a closer look, only to find that the shoes are not meant to be actually worn.  In typical Margiela style, the designer has created a pair of heels that would leave you on your tiptoes, with the back of the shoe's heel jutting out far beyond your ankle, dubbing it "oversized." Intentionally rendering it completely and totally unwearable, the label inside each shoe demarcates them as "COLLECTOR'S ITEMS" better suited to be encased behind glass than for everyday wear, and meant to celebrate the label's 20th anniversary.  Of course the idea wouldn't be complete without a counterpart, which comes in the form of the (also unwearable) "undersize" heel, which stops short at the end, and would leave the back of your foot precariously hanging off were you to actually try them on.  Here's hoping that they make a semi-wearable interpretation, seeing as I am not financially able to start collecting clothing like artwork...

The undersized shoe in red and black.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Walk On...

I was devastated when I found out on Wednesday that one of my favorite bloggers, Erika Ascot, had passed away.  Although Erika's blog, Black Ascot, is written entirely in Swedish, most of which I barely understand, I immediately fell in love with her haunting Francesca Woodman styled self-portraits.  We never met, and we only read each other's blogs, but sometimes you feel an inexplicable connection to those whose lives are laid bare before you, and who you feel you have a lot in common with.  Rather than prattling on any longer, I thought I would share with you some of her incredible photographs.  Her parents are also accepting friend requests on her Facebook Page.  Walk on, Erika.

EDIT: Erika was actually a fictionalized character.  However, like any well realized character in a novel or a play, to many of her blog readers, myself included, Erika was very real.  
At least as real as Heathcliff and Mr. Darcy, or any other literary creation that I've fallen in love with.  


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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Shape of Lies

Gold plated clip-on wing earrings from The Shape of Lies.

I've lived in Manhattan for my entire life, and somehow I've managed to miss The Shape of Lies, a tiny jewel box on 127 East 7th Street, even though it's been open for thirty years.  The owner, Peggy Yunque, lives in the back of the store with her husband, and makes many of the pieces she sells on a jeweler's bench that sits right behind the cash wrap.  It's incredible to stumble upon the space, which seems like the last standing relic of the era of Mom and Pop stores, which once dominated the the East Village but have been mostly replaced by chichi boutiques.

Peggy stocks her own line of reasonably priced costume jewelry, mainly based on ancient relics and sold to museum stores, in addition to many local talents, including one of my all time favorites, Anomaly Jewelry, designed by Karen Silverman.  It's one of those perfect places to pick up a present, and while I was there, my Father in Law, Arne, bought me a pair of golden wing clip-on earrings from Peggy's own collection.  While I sometimes feel like wings are overdone, I fell in love with this pair that reminded the Art History major in me of both Hermes's wings, and the Winged Victory of Samothrace.  If you are in New York you should definitely stop by, and if not, make sure to check out Peggy's online shop!

Historically inspired broaches, part of the store's museum jewelry line, based on ancient artifacts.

The entire collection of Anomaly Jewelry's Zodiac Babies, which I love so much.

More work from Anomaly jewelry and other local jewelry designers.

The cozy interior of the shop doubles are the owner's living space!

The owner and jewelry designer, Peggy Yunque

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