Monday, April 20, 2009

The Teal Girl

A party dress from Rebecca Turbow's Spring 09 collection, modeled on the lovely Rachel Ballinger, $300.

I will always think of Rebecca Turbow as the Teal Girl. Instantly recognizable walking down the street or in the darkened corridors of Misshapes, I first saw Rebecca in 2005, wearing her own designs, which were almost uniformly constructed in bright teal and sparkling white, and looked like something straight out of The Jetsons. Apparently Ms. Turbow wore teal and white exclusively for eight years (!!!).  She has since  moved on from her teal phase, but maintained her modish style, and her unorthodox approach to color.  For her Spring 09 collection of Safe by Rebecca Turbow, Turbow sticks to a 2-color palette of silver grey and yellow in place of the teal and white, while maintaining the same 60's spin, taking inspiration from films like Who Are You Polly Magoo? as well as the styling of Andres Courreges.  Still, as the name implies, this collection is a little "safer" than previous ones, focusing on making pieces that are wearable for everyday, all at a very reasonable young designer price, with most pieces available on her web shop.  Here are some pieces from her latest collection.

A playful pleat pocketed dress, $250.

Organic cotton side-button shorts, $60.

The designer herself, wearing one of her instantly recognizable turquoise and white jackets from her Fall 2004 collection.  I love this look!!!

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The Aesthete said...

I love the grey and yellow color combination of her Spring 09 dress. But I have to say the turquoise Jetson look definitely worked for her.

Dannie said...

looooves the first two dresses, the first one is so romantic and would be perfect for a warm evening date this season. the second one is so simple yet all around beautiful
looooove ;))))

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

absolutely love the jacket :D

SOS! said...

I like the vintagy looking photos
xx-LJ from SOS!