Friday, April 17, 2009

Not So Mad About Matthew, But Gimme Those Grommets...

Matthew Williamson for H&M leather vest with multi-plate grommets, $129.  Photo from Carolines Mode.

I probably wasn't the only one who was completely disappointed when H&M announced that their latest designer collaboration would be with Matthew Williamson.  Nothing against the designer, but I have no interest in nouveau-boho peacock feather adorned caftans, nor do I believe in resort and cruise wear for every season.  It was seriously a bit of a let down coming off of CDG, and I didn't even bother taking a look at the press images.  That was why I was completely stunned when I stumbled upon a couple of pieces from the collection that I not only like, but might actually pay decent money to own.  While most of the clothes are the expected hodgepodge of oversaturated kaleidoscopic prints that look like they are meant for a nightclub in Ibiza or a weekend hanging out with Rachel Zoe (i.e., not my steez), there were a couple of standouts.  Mainly a very Givenchy looking leather vest punched with grommets, and the waist-cinching, stud-adorned leather belts.  Studs are so overdone right now that I'm this close to getting sick of them, but as far as studded belts go, these ones reign supreme.  While it certainly isn't enough to entice me to wait in line opening day, as I have for other designers, I wouldn't mind picking those pieces up if there happen to be any leftover from the first day's rush.

The dress is OK, but the leather belt with mixed studs is really good, especially for $49.90.  I would love to have this in my wardrobe/arsenal.

The skinny version of the belt in fuchsia.  From the looks of the picture, a stud has already popped off from the sample, which doesn't bode well for quality standards (although perhaps this problem was fixed in production?), but it's still really cute.  Photo from Carolines Mode.

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Lani said...

i always have mixed feelings about collaboration collections. the main negative being the thought of first day mayhem.

dirtyflaws said...

agree with the girl above. thats the real downfall.

La Couturier said...

I love the belt; the color is lovely!

La C.

Twobreadsplease said...

Yes, I agree, wasn't particularly thrilled when they announced this collab. But the vest is kinda fancy. xx

Winnie said...

You're the first blogger that I've had to agree with on this collab. I'm not excited by it at all either. The Kaftans and the swirly patterns were the first things that came to my mind too.

Laura. said...

i wasnt't sure about this collaboration either.

but.... some things youve pointed out look lovely!

May Kasahara said...

oh my god. no wayyyy.

I WAS going to go last Tuesday - and then my friend got tricked into working a double and bailed for the night. I stayed home and watched masters of horror and I guess my mystery doppelganger went instead and got bubbly-drunk - JEALZ.

I want to gooooooo.