Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Mardahl!

Lovely Helle herself, wearing a stack of her incredible foam stuffed bangles.  Nicollette and I were dying over her plastic beret, but she didn't remember where it came from!

Here are some more photos I took during the Helle Mardahl opening last night at LaViola Bank. I unfortunately didn't get many pictures of the afterparty at Broadway East, or our DJs, Andrew Andrew wearing their Henrik Vibskov suits, but trust me, they looked amazing.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by, and Lauri and Shaun at Broadway East for making everything run so smoothly.  The best part of doing event like one is getting to work with your old friends, while making new ones.  Helle and Jesper (who styled all of the costumes) were so inspiring, and I really hope to see them out more often!

The Ego Queen Statue

The Elephant, an incredible installation that Helle set up at the back of the gallery.

During the opening, a musician performed on the drums in the backyard of the gallery.

The Helle Mardahl wedding cake, a dizzying spiral of black and white

Guests examining the complexities of The Maid.

The LaViola Bank interns, clad in head-to-toe Henrik Vibskov!  Our DJs, Andrew Andrew, wore the same white suits to the afterparty.

Standing in front of The Elephant installation

This "chicken feet" necklace that Jesper made never made it into any of the costumes, but was too good not to photograph!

Houman provided the all-black contrast to our all-white outfits!  Also, check out all of his incredible rings.

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vonilicious said...

Awww looks like so much fun. I miss New York.

Amanda said...

omg love the foam bracelets you guys are wearing!

zana bayne said...


Mia said...

Oh really cool pictures! That guy on the last picture seems really cool and the plastic beret is fun! ^^

Electric Studio said...

her beret is by my friend Flora! she's from london but u you can by House of Flora berets at opening ceremony in ny.
love ur blog!

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Electric Studio-

Thank you so much for the tip, Nicollette and I are obsessed with the hat, and have to track it down immediately!


Electric Studio said...

ur welcome! she also did it in orange which is amazing but limited edition!
u should definately check out her site: xxx

Boubou said...

i love your style !!! i really love it ! different than the others bravo !
a bientot !

dreamecho said...

Oh, this looks like so much fun! You ladies look fresh in white, and Helle's dress illustrations, pillow bracelets and chicken feet necklace (!!!) are devilishly delightful. xoxo