Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hat Attack!

Fun fascinators, and a vintage Balmain scarf.

I might be a jewelry designer, but I have to admit, I secretly believe that the hat is the ultimate accessory. Let's be completely honest here. For all the time and money that we spend on shoes, how many non-fashion people actually stop and take the time to look at your feet when you first walk into a crowded room? The same goes for the jewelry, belts, gloves, and bags that I love so much, which are essential for filling out an outfit, but ultimately often go unobserved and unnoticed to the passing eye. You see, none of these accessories will get you noticed like a hat. Whether it's a simple beret, or a large fur number, it's one of those in-your-face things that people just can't avoid looking at. As Stephen Jones says in his new book, Hats an Anthology, "Why are they remaindered to the Timbuktu of fashion when they are in fact its Shangri-La?"

Mr. Jones, I couldn't agree more. That's why, when I heard that Bond 07 was opening a new hat salon, I decided to head straight over and take a peek. The store is already full of an amazing selection of designer vintage clothes, young independent designers, as well as their enormous stock of Selima Optique eye glasses, but for me, the new hats were truly the highlight. Even though they only have a small selection of their Fascinators on display in their upstairs boutique, Elena, the super-stylish sales girl, took me downstairs to the hat salon, where all the hats are custom made and fit. Many of the hats were out for press, but I got to see a good selection of the couture hats, all designed by Virginie Promeyrat, and her assistant Lopeti. While the RTW hats retail from $280-$340, the custom made couture and cocktail hats run between $185-$700. While the prices aren't cheap, they're pretty reasonable considering that no two couture hats are the same, and each design can be customized according to your wishes. I'm personally a huge sucker for anything customized or one-of-a-kind, and am going to try and save up for a top hat or a bowler.

This might be the bowler hat of my dreams---I would have to add my own finishing touches though. I also love all the Dolly Heads they use for displaying the hats, they remind me of my time at Anna Sui, and her extensive collection of Dolly Heads.

I love this super-flamboyant felt, feather and silk flower.

I've been looking for a traditional black top hat for over a year now (they're so damn expensive), but I'm really loving this one in violet.

I love the open-zipper detail on the top of this hat!

Piles of colorful tulle and netting used for trim!

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May Kasahara said...

I love those display models.

Lea said...

love that tophat
the manaquins are so freaky though

Mariane M. said...

tiffany, if you like hats you should check out mich dulce. she is a fashion designer/milliner from manila, phillipines. i love her work! her most recent collection has a really interesting hat piece. let me know what you think!

thischicksgotstyle said...

The hat with feathers and the one with the zip detail are amazing! And wow, those topshop shoes... I am so sad right now that we don't have a topshop here :P Can't wait to see them on!

check out my style too at

Susie Bubble said...

Whole heartedly agree and those are some awesome hat picks....

Some Like it Vintage said...

Those are fantastic hats! And the way they are displayed on very theatrical heads is great! Thanks! :-)

sharon said...

it's so true what you say about the crowded room, but i will never be a hat person
they're lovely though

Kandace said...

Those hats are all so cool. I think the tophat might just be my fav. Btw I just discovered your blog and because I think it's so cool and perfectly fits the art blog award I tagged you for it. So check it out.

Queen Michelle said...

I am very much a hat person but sadly my head does not lend itself well to most hat shapes. And I must be the only person in the world who doesn't suit an alice band.