Monday, April 13, 2009

Favorite Non-Fashion Related Links

1. Cute Boys Make Me Nervous Now that I'm married, I don't go around looking for cute boys anymore, and when I do talk to them at my parties I feel compelled to constantly project asexuality, less they get the mistaken impression that I'm hitting on them. On the interwebs, I can gawk at cute boys without having to awkwardly blurt out the word "husband" when it's completely inappropriate. This site was made for me.

First Aid Kit covering Fleet Foxes-Tiger Mountain Peasant Song, found on This video gives me chills.
2. a music blog aggregator with a blog icon that looks like 66S DJ Micprobes (who incidentally introduced me to the site). This is my go to place for new music and downloads.

Architecture in Helsinki performing Heart It Races in a La Blogotheque production.
3. La Blogotheque A French music blog that features weekly "Concerts a emporter," or take away concerts, with the best indie bands performing songs on the go. My French has gotten so piss poor that I can barely understand this site anymore, but I can still enjoy the music. My personal favorites are their concerts with Arcade Fire (in an elevator), Malajube (on the streets of Paris), Animal Collective (in a grocery cart), Scout Niblett (in a stairwell), The Fleet Foxes (in the park), and The Hidden Cameras (by the river).

4. Smalltalk Swedish singer/songwriter Jens Lekman's blog. Like Kanye's but better.

5. Sweet Fine Day Supercute blog run by a Brooklyn couple who own their own baking company. It features plenty of perfectly presented recipes for the most delicious looking sweets, all accompanied by beautiful pictures. Plus, they have the most adorable kids ever.

6. Bloesem The best inspiration for decorating your tiny New York apartment on a budget.

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Eeli said...

And when you do you must MUST post them! I feel very triggered to check out this Cute boys site lol but I shant because it just makes me feel uncomfortable EVEN with the anonymity of it all lol Yeah, I know this is strange teehee >_<

Since I'm here I may aswell add that I thought the elastic dress you made for Susie was AH-MAZING! It fitted her to a tee and the image it projected was just oozing sass and sex appeal.

Hope you all have a lovely lovely tue.

Eeli xx

cuteboysmakemenervous said...

i took pictures of fleet foxes at the end of may, you can look in archives!!! and thanks!

MissAmyShops said...

oh my gosh - i feel the same way about boys now that i'm married. LOL you explained it perfectly!

Sasha said...

Wow, that's weird. I got a few minutes ago, turned on my computer, checked my usual blogs, and BAM! you mention Jens Lekman. I was just at his house.

Connie said...

Architecture in Helsinki is fantastic, great choices.

Winnie said...

Haha, Cute boys. I feel like that when I'm browsing lookbook sometimes. Everyone is so young!

Mia said...


Thank you for your lovely comment! ^^ And yeah she was stunning wasn't she? Almost illegally cute! Sometimes when I look at those photos I feel envy for her beauty but at the same time Im in awe and Im proud and happy to be her daughter xD

Oh and by the way, I really like these links! They're interesting. Especially the ! <3

kimvee said...

Thank you for your comment :) I read your profile and I've been to Happy Ending on a Friday night though hehe.

I absolutely love your style & do you shop at the Brooklyn Flea often? If so, I should stop by there and find some vintage goodies for myself all of these items are gorgeous :)