Thursday, April 16, 2009

66Sick + Paul Sevigny + Ryan McGinley + Greg K = Tonight at MAIN MAN!

Two very important, semi-related PSA's! First, we're DJing Greg K and Ryan McGinley's new gay party, Main Man, tonight! We'll be their first ever girl DJ set (hagz foreva), and I will be bringing my Roxy Music, Stone Roses, and New Order out for the occasion. The flier is teensy-weensy, so here is all the important information:

B.East (East Broadway at Rutgers)

Hosted by Greg K and Ryan McGinley

Special Guest DJS:
66Sick Girls
Tim Barber
Paul Sevigny


Also, yesterday night my former boss, menswear designer Richard Haines, emailed me to let me know about his amazing streetstyle blog, What I Saw Today. Similar to The Sartorialist, Richard captures well dressed or simply captivating subjects he sees on the street, except rather than photographing them, he will sketch them in his notebook, on a scrap of newspaper, or on a cocktail napkin. His lovely illustrations have been recently featured in In Style Magazine, and his focus on nightlife means that he's captured many subjects close to our hearts. In fact, Richard told me he will be out tonight at Main Man, so if you come, you will probably see him sketching his subjects there, or maybe you'll even find yourself sitting for him! Here are some of my favorite sketches from his blog.

Anthony at Mr. Black

A lovely rendition of our fellow nightlifer-for-life, Ladyfag


Spring trends illustrated for L.A. Magazine

EDIT: Apparently, the flier for MAIN MAN was removed by my photobucket, because it featured a picture of a butt on it...I've seen other people posting much racier images using their accounts and not be censored, WTF?

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grace said...

have fun tonight! x

Emy said...

I want to party with you guys. :( london please. x

LuxiRare said...

i love these drawings

holierthannow said...

i love this blog. it really achieves what so many attempt- a TRUE mix of music, fashion, randomness, art, cuteness : )

love it xox

Eeli said...

What a fantastic new angle to feature style mavens out in town! I'm captivated by the watercolours(?) a different sense of beauty (perhaps more?) comes across in artpieces I think.

designerman said...

tiffany - thank you so much for the wonderful write-up. really fantastic.

and love your blog too! x r

A La Mode said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing, the illustrations are awesome. I wonder how quickly he can do them.

May Kasahara said...

Awesome - I've been following richard "designermans" blog for a while now. I love seeing his sketches.

Capricious Co. said...

i've been following your boss's blog for a while now, he is such an amazing artist!