Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring Inspiration: Attitudinal Asian Disorder

This might be my favorite film still of all time.  We used this as the backdrop for one of our first 66S party fliers!

With Six Six Sick's Two Year Anniversary Party coming up next Tuesday (more details to come), I thought it might be an appropriate time to revisit one of our original inspirations. The women of Pinky Violence, a series of 70's era Japanese exploitation films centered entirely around sex and (obviously) violence, were definitely in the back of our minds when we started our own Asian girl gang of sorts. Even though there is a fair share of girl-slicing-up-other-girl in every one of these movies, at the core, their is also a strong sense of camaraderie and sisterhood, and say what you will about the poorly thought out post-feminism of the films, you can't deny that these women each cut an extremely impressive silhouette.

While the cinematic influence of these films are well documented---directors Quentin Tarantino and Takashi Miike were both heavily influenced by them---the sartorial aspects are often overlooked.  Perhaps it's because all of the films have that gritty 70's quality, replete with hot pants, synthetic fibers, and go-go gear, that reads more ghetto than glamour, especially on a bad video transfer.  Nonetheless, for me, style is all about attitude, and these women have quite a bit of that to spare.   I'm particularly drawn to actress Kaji Meiko, who starred as the leader of the girl gang in many of the Pinky Violence films, and is often seen wearing her trademark floppy black hat while she slices her way through her numerous foes.  She's strikingly beautiful yet entirely sinister looking, and her floppy hat, which has sadly been associated with J.Lo of late, takes on the look of one of Ann Demeulemeester's Gothic drifter women.  Meiko is definitely who I will be thinking of when I pick up a floppy hat this spring.

The mean girls of Lynch Law Classroom don't bother with the trash talk---they just tie their enemies up and drain them of their blood in the science lab.

This picture makes me think of my girls!

The stunning Kaji Meiko, brandishing a knife, and wearing her trademark hat.

Channeling Kaji at the showroom a couple of weeks ago.  Wearing the Devaki floppy hat that will probably become a Spring wardrobe staple with a Balenciaga vest, Topshop Unique tank, and Zara drop crotch pants.

Warning: This clip is pretty violent, but it's completely campy, and also the most innocuous one that I could find.  Meiko's outfit is impeccable, and I love how she throws her hat off when she's about to go in for the kill.  If you can't stand watching the slow-paced murder sequence, make sure to cut the end to see Meiko storming the streets with her fellow female prison inmates.  Even their prison uniforms are kind of cute!

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kaitlyn said...

i love this blog.

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

I love it. Her outfit is amazing in that clip and I see where Tarantino was inspired.


Georgie said said...

Thos girls look brilliant! And so does that hat.

letslivefast said...

wow this is brilliant-
and i really like your hat! :)


Yuka said...

what a great inspiration! said...

i love all this campy sexploitation shit, esp when it involves sexy asian girls wearing all black and awesome friggin hats.
I want to watch that now for some style inspiration....I USED TO THINK CAMP FILMS WERE ABOUT DAY CAMP FOR KIDS.....-__-

Twobreadsplease said...

Love love love it. The girls look wicked, and the hat is quite wonderful! x

woodley park-zoo said...

I just realized you were missing from my blog's links list... since I let my bloglovin' get too bloated to handle, I still need to remember to have a little six six sick in mah life! <3

Love this inspiration... I'm wearing me some black leather shorts to work today, and I feel lucky to have a place where I'm getting away with it (at least, on a Friday) and also glad that people think I'm pulling it off... I've got the asian attitudinal disorder!

Lani said...

dammit, this post makes me wish i had long hair. you ladies are so bad ass!

May Kasahara said...

best post ever.
thanks for bringing attention to these epic ladies.

robyn said...

ooh!! i used to love this series! i actually took a whole college course on japanese film with an emphasis on the pinky violence genre, and i always remembered thinking about how bad ass the women look. there are some other great movies with great looking lethal women in them. audtion by miike is a good one.

lulu said...

Ultimate greatness.