Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shoes R Us

Wearing my YSL tribute boots, with a Moschino jacket, CDG x H&M blouse, fringed shorts from Screaming Mimi's, CK tights, Arms and Armory horse hair necklace, and a crucifix ring of my own design.

I have too many shoes. I have an entire floor-to-ceiling closet dedicated to heels, a separate area for boots, and still my shoes spill out into the rest of my closet, into my husband's closet space (arguments over closet real estate are very common), and onto the floors of my tiny apartment. Does that stop me from wanting them, or buying more? As much as I try, the compulsion cannot be curbed, so I've decided that from now on, for every new pair I buy, I'm forcing myself to sell or get rid of another pair. Yesterday I crumbled and bought a pair of the YSL Tribute boots from Fall 08 for 80% off at Woodbury Commons that I've been lusting after all season.  As excited as I am about my new purchase, I know it also means I need to get rid of a few things, and have turned to Lulu and her site, Shoes and Your Mom, to get rid of a few pairs.  The site isn't just a great place to pick up some great shoes (hello Chanel Gun heelz), all edited by Lulu's discerning eye, but also a perfect place to sell your lightly used designer and vintage shoes that have been moldering in the back of your closet.  I've already sold a pair of Loubs, and still have a pair of Repetto flats up for sale (they're a little too small for me).  I'm also probably going to put some of my other shoes up (Marc Jacobs, Chanel) in the next week, so if you're a size 6, keep your eyes open!

In with the new...

...out with the old...the Repetto flats I'm selling here on Shoes and Your Mom.


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nikkimoose. said...

i just died. i love those tributes xx

May Kasahara said...

holy crapppppp @ woodbury???
I never find anything good there. absolutely gorgeous.

The Queen of Hearts said...

I am insanely jealous. While I am dying out here in the arctic tundra, you are wearing the boots of a lifetime.

Jealous..and at 80% off!??!?! You get a gold star in my book for "find of the week."

I might even have to blog about you.

C.L.B said...

Fantastic boots, I'm insanely jealous!

M. said...

the ysl boots are amazing, lucky you :)


LuxiRare said...

woodbury = worth the trip through port authority on a bus ride to the deep woods of NJ to source out HALF OFF CHANEL and WATCH SUBURBAN WIFE with strollers buy the ugliest shit!

awesome shoes and kudos to you for finding it 80 off!


love the fringe shorts