Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh Land American Tour

Oh Land's new video for Heavy Eyes

Attention New York, San Francisco, and Austin!  Our Danish friend Nanna, and her band Oh Land will be arriving stateside next week for South by Southwest.  If you missed her incredible performance at the afterparty we did for her boyfriend Eske Kath's show at LaViola Bank Gallery, now is your chance to catch her perform again.  It's hard to believe that Nanna originally started as a ballerina rather than a musician.  Naturally, she brings all of her talents to the stage when she performs, and if you do by chance have the opportunity to see her live, you will also get to see the elaborate costumes that she often makes herself.  Giant tulle dresses, feathered bird costumes, and crazy skeleton makeup, have all appeared in her outfits in the past, and if multitasking Nanna weren't so nice, we might start to feel a little insecure about our own abilities (oh, and that's before we even factor in her immaculate bone-structure).  Here are the dates for her American tour:

Mar 16 2009 7:00P The Studio at Webster Hall New York, New York
Mar 18 2009 9:00P SXSW "Pangea" Austin, Texas
Mar 20 2009 2:45P SXSW Danish Dayparty Austin, Texas
Mar 23 2009 10:00P Spaceland Los Angeles, California
Mar 27 2009 12:00P relaunch for Lookout Weekend San Fransisco, California
Mar 27 2009 10:00P Blow up San Francisco, California
Mar 28 2009 9:00P Mercury Lounge with Efterklang New York, New York
Mar 30 2009 10:30P Petes Candy Store New York, New York


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sandra said...

pictures are so freaking good!!

grace said...

3rd picture down: making me want to chop of my hair right now while i'm at work. woops.

lovely music though.. thank goodness my time in nyc coincides!!! definitely looking into it.

brik said...

I really can't wait for Oh Land. Ugh. So amazing...

Tereza Š. said...

great photos, love the one with girl on the water with black mini dress!

Rabenschwarz said...

oh pretty pictures.
btw thanks a lot for your cute comment.

PUG and PIPS said...

re: Ruby Mariani... the melted latex dress is so unique, I've never seen anything like that before. I can totally see her collaboration with you, the ideas would be incredible!
I would love it if you visited Australia. A '66sick Goes Downunder' tour!

Chelsea said...

Listening to this song on repeat.

Lani said...

i'm forever indebted to you for introducing me to me to Oh Land.