Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chrome Heart

Mischen top, Gerard Yosca giant rhinestone necklaces worn backwards, fake Lanvin necklace from the district, Gerard Yosca meteoroid cuff and ring, and Ioselliani ring.

It's funny how much taste can change.  When I was younger, I used to exclusively prefer silver jewelry, deeming gold too flashy.  My mother always told me that I would grow into loving gold, and bizarrely, as if it were part of coming of age, I found myself preferring flashy and brassy metals.  Tastes certainly evolve over time and with age.  I personally hope that when I'm an old lady I'll be dressing like Rei Kawakubo, or if I'm really lucky, maybe I will turn out like cougar grannie DVF, but who knows, maybe my taste buds will shrivel up and I will end up looking like a Boca Raton pensioner.  I am an incredibly fickle person, and a couple of years in the fashion industry has only made me just that more likely to flip flop on my sartorial choices and preferences.  Right now, I've flopped back to favoring silver (even though I still love gold), which has no doubt been influenced by the recent runway obsession with robot-android-terminator women from the future.  All my silver jewelry, in every variation of plate colors has been in heavy rotation, and I've recently taken to wearing my giant gemstone jewelry from a couple of seasons ago backwards, so their reflective foil backings show.  I suppose that is one solution for ever changing taste---if you get tired of something, turn it inside out, upside down, and backward, and maybe, just maybe, you'll like it a little better.


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Luxirare said...

i love your necklaces and the flashy gold dress.
Very Studio54! Would love to be like DVF too but I'd prefer it if she kept herself off "The City"

Kit said...

woah that chunky necklaces must be heavy.

The Fashion Assistant

elyse said...

I'm the same way! I hated gold as a teen, but now I'm getting a lot more of it. So strange. I guess I considered gold the realm of weird grannies with really tacky jewels.

Laura. said...

This is so true when I was younger I used to hate gold. But now I think in moderation it can look classy and fahion forward.

maybe it is an age thing?

May Kasahara said...

love those necklaces.
great weight.
I've been a gold girl for a while but I like to mix. My dad was dumbstruck when he gave me a necklace for graduation and I got it gold dipped * * *

WendyB said...

Actually a nice matte surface makes gold anything but flashy....nearly all of the jewelry I make has a matte finish. Tones things down immensely.