Saturday, March 28, 2009

April 2 Update

Here is an email I received today with all of the updates on the NYC Topshop opening.

Hey Everyone,

I have some more news about the Topshop opening on April 2nd. If you find the Heartschallenger truck you can receive a gift card that has anywhere from 5-500$ on it! Every card has some money on it but you have to use it on the day of the launch. Regardless you don't want to miss the launch cos you'll be missing out on complimentary Make Up For Ever makeovers, Woodley and Bunny hairstyles, Valley Nails nail art and a great DJ lineup. Don't forget you can track the Heartschallenger truck can be tracked via GPS.


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Alicia/InstantVintage said...

SO.MAD.that I won't be in NY that week. SUCKS!!!


I got one!! I'm kinda over Topshop but that won't stop me from checking to see if I can get ANYTHING for free...