Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ye Olde Swarthmore

Ancient history.  L-R: Lauren, myself, Jen, and Duolan at Swarthmore in 2003.

Before there was 66Sick, there was another group of  girls that served as my constant companions, and sources of inspiration.  Flashback to Swarthmore College, 2003.  Lauren, Jen, and Duolan were my first clique of crazily dressed Asian girls, and certainly one of the main reasons why I thought starting 66S was such a brilliant idea in the first place.  In the hallowed halls of academia there is little room or respect for frivolous interests like fashion, which might be the very reason why the four of us found each other during my last semester at Swarthmore.  Never have I met another group of girls who could segue so easily between conversation about Barthes and Derrida, Brian Eno and Gang of Four, Jeanne Dielman and Jean-Luc Godard, Balenciaga and Comme des Garcons.  Between nights at Olde Club (the Indie Rock music venue we all took part in running), our respective radio shows at WSRN, and many many hours spent in the carols of McCabe Library, we formed a joke band, Fashion/f(x), which basically served as our excuse to be all dressed up with no place to go.  The only fashion interested boy we hung out with was our favorite gaysian, Joseph Altuzarra, who is probably the first and last person at Swarthmore to ever stage a fashion show in Upper Tarble.

Why am I thinking of my former fake band, when it should be a distant (and probably secret) history?  I wouldn't have been reminded of all this if I hadn't stumbled upon Lauren again on Dreamecho, only to find that she herself had a fashion blog, Fops and Dandies, which she has since sadly discontinued.  The same night that I saw Lauren's guest post, I received an email from Jen, who I hadn't heard from in months, and Joseph, requesting help for his fashion show.  I nearly got teary eyed with memories, even though we have each come a long way since 2003. 

Lauren may not be doing her blog anymore (she concentrating on Law School in Chicago), but a couple of emails have reminded me of her caustic wit, making me even sadder that Fops and Dandies isn't still around to inspire us.  Duolan is an analyst now, but she hasn't lost her edge, and recently acted as "Yolk-o Oh-no" in Thu Tran's cult show, Food Party.  Jen is about to get her M.B.A., and is currently choosing between two top-tier Ivies.  Her boyfriend and fellow Swarthmore grad, Matt,  recently shot the lookbook for Joseph's collection.  And if you aren't already familiar with what Joseph is up to right now, you can read about all him in Vogue or on

Lauren, wearing her Halloween costume on Dreamecho.  She dressed up as Cotton Candy, in case you can't tell.

A look from Joseph's Spring 09 Collection, modeled by Vanessa Traina, and shot by Jen's boyfriend, Matt Kaelin.

Thu Tran's show Food Party, featuring Duolan as Yolk-o Oh-no!

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May Kasahara said...

I loved reading this backstory - so have a bunch of awesome people in your life.

I am loving the video - it could be my new anthem seeing as how four sunny side up eggs with rice is my daily dinner. EGG-PARTYYYYYYYY

Luce said...

yay, Lauren! I loved her blog when it was around. Cool that you knew her way back when.

dreamecho said...

Your "band" was called Fashion over Function? Sweet.

It's funny you wandered across dreamecho not long after I had put up Lauren's post. I've been enjoying your blog for the past couple of months and had just added you to my blog roll. Actually, I first heard about Six Six Sick in Theme Mag a few months ago, and then when I came across your blog, I got all excited at the prospect of being able to see more of your outfits and ideas.

Anyway! I'm glad you were able to reconnect with Lauren again. And please keep up the great posts. I was beyond impressed by your recreation of the Rodarte leggings. The diamonds were so precise -- as if the cuts were done by a laser!

The Six Six Sick Girls said...


That's funny, I didn't even know we were in Theme Magazine. We never know about any press until months after it happens. I'm so happy I stumbled across your blog and Lauren's post, it was a lucky coincidence.


Brainz said...

oh i LOVE this. A former academia slut, I will vouch for the inability of my fellow brainz to traverse the vast landscape of the fashion wrld. Rock on girlie, and see you at your party. I met you a few times, but who remembers the late late late night at 66 six parties...Look for the DOOM grrls. I want to give you a hug!


burnthesebones said...

What an awesome group- I hope that me and my friends make it this far after college..

Touched by your story of reconnection- Fops and Dandies was a wonderful.

Theresa said...

its great that you're all doing so well for yourselves, im so glad to see lauren again, i was so addicted to her style.