Thursday, February 12, 2009

We <3 Nicky Digital

Last night at 66Sick, love was in the air as we got an early start to celebrating Valentines Day. What can I say, I love love! (sidenote: Does anyone else miss Moschino's scent I Love Love as much as I do??) We layered the white CDG for H+M blouse with a "vintage" 66Sick heart vest, and bottomed it out with pink and black striped tights and my favorite party girl staple-- booty shorts.

Here's some of my favorite shots of the night by our friend Nicky Digital!

Christina killinnn MAC's Russian Red lipstick

WERKKK Jermaine!

Mikey Lamar, Gerard (my favorite Spanish import, and DJ and lensman behind and myself.

Tiffany keepin it reallll. And her hubby, Jimmy, in the backround!!

XTina and Gerard making new buddies. Hahaha

Brendan James has the illestttttttt style!!!

Check out for more photos of last night and every other rad party in NYC!!

xoxo nicollette and christina

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PUG and PIPS said...

love the heart bustier so much. Looking great, as always ladies

luxirare said...

yo lookin hot !

Kat George said...

Good look girls. The heart top looks amazing with the blouse... Susie left work early to day to go to New York... I'm so jealous! Wish I could be there for fashion week!


Philippa Snow said...

I hate that I am a slave to my own perviness, but Goddamn, Tiffan's hubby is gorgeous. Pretty into the heart bustier too.