Monday, February 2, 2009

Six Six Sick In The Head: A Shopping Spree in The District

Christina in the aisle of Lasting Art (28th Street between 7th and 8th Avenue). They have a really amazing selection of fake flowers at a very reasonable price.

Fashion Week is quickly approaching, and since we will each be working full time at our respective day jobs, in addition to our crazy schedule of night jobs, we're trying to make all of our outfits beforehand in preparation. We have four different outfits in mind, which means four times as much shopping. I think anybody who has worked in the New York fashion industry would agree to having a love/hate relationship with the district. It's one of the ugliest, most unpleasant neighborhoods in Manhattan, filled with some of the most despicable lowlifes (on more than one occasion I've seen men chasing each other around with crowbars, etc), but it's full of nearly every single fabric, tool, and creative material you could ever possibly imagine. Even when you're a little sick in the head, like us.

This is the somewhat demented looking shopping list that we compiled:
3 fake white doves
10 bouquets fake white roses
6 bouquets fake white daisies
1 bouquet fake hydrangeas
2 tracks of 18-inch long black synthetic hair
Plaster of Paris bandage wrapping
1 1/2 yards black coated cotton
1 1/2 yards clear black vinyl
30 yards black elastic, 30 yards white elastic
48 gluesticks
3 yards each: nude jersey, white jersey, black jersey
1/2 gallon high gloss white paint

Christina and I managed to pick up most of the list in a couple of hours running around some of my favorite district spots: Lasting Art, Mood, and the Wig shop. Nicollette finished it off by picking up the rest at Spandex House and Daytona Trim. We've already started work on some of the outfits, and there are plenty of crazy DIYs coming soon...

Some more of the amazing selection of fake flowers!

When you need fake hair, you need fake hair. Wigs (6th Ave b/t 28th and 29th) is even scarier looking on the inside, but if you ever want to DIY your very own Margiela wig jacket (perhaps a future project for us to think about?), this is the place to go!

Christina at Mood, the fabric store of Project Runway fame. We don't go to Mood very often because it's a little out of our budget, but when we do, they always have the best selection of fabrics. We were very tempted by several things, like the rolls and rolls of Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 silk fabrics, which were selling for $40 a yard! We were good though, and avoiding things that weren't on our list.

This printed jersey fabric was super tempting. It's a print featuring all the holidays on it, and it totally looks like a Heatherette designed fabric, but it doesn't have their name on it, so I'm not sure if it came from them. It's $12 a yard, and would make great leggings, but we decided to pass because we don't need it. Hopefully it will be around next time...

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Kat George said...

You girls have amazing control. I salivate every time they go to mood on project runway and imagine spending stupid amounts there on my credit card (probably only to do what I do with most fabric I buy- put it in a dark corner never to be seen again. apart from the odd few materials that make it to the 'cutting' stage).


PUG and PIPS said...

that is a huge amount of glue sticks!
Can't wait to see the finished products xx

May Kasahara said...

ohhhhhhh shit - I can't wait to see the finished product. LOVEEEEEE.