Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The owls are not what they seem...

Market officially opened on Monday morning, which means it's feels like Christmas at the showroom, with all the designer's Fall 2009 collections coming in from across the globe and landing all at once. I can extend the Christmas analogy a little further by saying that a couple of months before market, I made a lengthy wishlist of designers who I wanted to bring to the showroom, some absurd and obscure (Sandra Backlund) and some who were more within reach.  In the end, my list of (mostly Swedish) prospects was whittled away to one designer: Camilla Norrback, whose collection arrived this week, amongst a flurry of other new designers that we are also introducing this season.

I first encountered Camilla Norrback's line at my favorite Swedish high street store, Monki, which is part of the Cheap Monday/Weekday family. Well priced basics, all made of eco-conscious materials, the heavily knit based line is made for long northern winters.  On a hanger, it's easy to mistake Norrback's simple looking pieces for being grandmotherly, but really there is a sense of an entire world of stylistic possibility built into the clothing.  Swedish designers have an exceptionally fashion interested national consumer base to work with, so that expectation isn't really so unreasonable.

What possibilities do I see?  Well after a quick look at the mystic forest styling of the lookbook, I can't help but return to my endless Twin Peaks fantasies.  Norrback was probably conjuring images of the woods of her homeland as she designed, but I immediately thought of upper Washington state, log cabins, murky dreams, and woods haunted by unknown demons.  Not exactly the most fashion-forward sounding source of inspiration, but after seeing Rodebjer's country equestrian collection, I'm smelling something distinctly Audrey Horne inspired for Fall 2009.  At least that's how I'm planning on styling it...Well, next fall is still a long way off, but in the meantime, you can see her Spring collection at Castor & Pollux in New York, or Topshop's popup boutique, Edit in London.


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Anna M. said...

God, I keep staring at this and the only thing I can think is "I love owls SO much". I like these clothes too, I just like owls so much more than anything. Okay...I'm not high, I swear.

market publique said...

I'm thinking of making my living room look like a forest like that... Do I need a fog machine for the ethereal look?