Sunday, February 1, 2009

Margarita Saplala Shoot!

Inside the studio, one of the REAL models getting shot for the lookbook.

Yesterday afternoon, we did a shoot for the invite to the party we are throwing for Margarita Saplala, one of the many talented designers on the W29 Showroom roster.  We've been talking about collaborating with W29 for a long time (check out their new blog, both Lulu and I make a guest appearance!), since we love Shelley and Susanne, so we're very excited to be working with them on this party.  We got up extra early for the 10AM call time, even though it turned out we weren't going to be shot until 3 PM.  Nonetheless, we had a great time watching the shoot, hanging out with the most amazing make-up artist, Emily, eating tons of gourmet pizza from Waldy's, and dressing up in Margarita's Fall 09 creations.  Plus, in return, we got to walk away with some amazing full length black silk evening gowns from Margarita's Spring 09 collection.  We'll work for clothes any day!  You will have to wait till it's closer to the party to see the actual images from the shoot and the outfits that we wore, but in the meantime, here are some backstage shots.

One of the lookbook models wearing a dress featuring Margarita's custom designed silk fabric prints.

Margarita styling one of the printed T-shirts.

A few pieces of the crazy crochet and rhinestone jewelry from the Accessories table.  All of the accessories were made by another W29 showroom designer, P.Y.T.

Emily, our makeup artist, was a true genius.  A former editor at the now defunct CosmoGirl, she was one of the few people I gave over full control to (I'm a control freak and usually bring my own foundation cause I don't trust most makeup artists!), and she gave us a lot of useful tips.  She decided to give us a slightly imperfect version of our usual black eye, since she didn't want it to look too pretty.  Here she starts with a dark black eyeliner for Christina.

Emily's assistant, who worked on Nicollette, put a paper towel under the eye as she applied the eyeshadow, to prevent the pesky black flakes of shadow from dropping on an already made-up face.

Emily smudged black eyeshadow both on the upper lid, and right under the lower lashline.  She said that after a night out, your eyemakeup always ends up under your eyes anyways, so you may as well put it there and do it right! 

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zana bayne said...

I totally and 100% agree about the "makeup ends up under your eyes" thing! You might as well make sure that its the color that you want down there instead of a wayward lid smudge.


The Girl said...

I have linked you on my blog.
Check it out.

May Kasahara said...

yessssss - all hail the smudgy dark eyeshadowed eye!! mac carbon where would we be without you.

looks like soooo much fun - can't wait to see the shots. ♥

luxirare said...

Hi this is my favorite blog BYE!

Kit said...

yay for the behind the scene photos across the atlantic!!!

The Fashion Assistant

Theresa said...

these looks fantastic, I can wait to see the pictures