Saturday, February 14, 2009

Congratulations Robbie!

My favorite male model, Paul, opened the show in a denim trenchcoat and riding shirt.

Yesterday evening, Robert Geller presented his Fall 2009 collection of menswear, inspired by turn of the century Vienna, and the long standing intellectual and artistic influence of the city. The timing couldn't have been more perfect for the show---one day after it was formally announced that Robert won the GQ Award for New Menswear Designer of the Year.  Robert is married to Ana Lerario, who runs Fiftytwo Showroom, in addition to designing her womenswear collection Lerario Beatriz, and when we heard the news (one day early), we were ecstatic.  It was supposed to be a secret, but of course it got leaked, and naturally I was accused of putting the story up on this here blog (it wasn't me Robbie, I swear!).  Anyway, now that the information is public, we would like to offer our Congratulations, the award is truly deserved.

Robert Geller is one of the few menswear designers that my husband and I both like.  His collections are always visionary and thought provoking, with a heavy wallop of noir to satisfy my eclectic tastes, while remaining flattering, well tailored, and wearable enough to make Jimmy (and every well dressed man in Manhattan) salivate.  The cast of Nordic-looking, baby-faced models that walked the runways reminded me of my own Swede at home, and I would definitely be happy to see him in any of the looks presented.  Not to mention the fact that I personally would love to steal a couple of items from the menswear section, particularly all the lush mohair and alpaca knitwear that Robert does so well.

Here are some of the pictures from the show last night.  Sorry for the quality, but you can find pictures of the rest of the collection here.

I loved all the mohair and alpaca knit sweaters, scarves, and wraps---just a few of the things that I would want for my own closet.

One of the many beautifully tailored coats, which displays the turn of the century romance and elegance that inspired the collection. 

This season Robert incorporated dusty rose, fuchsia, and plum into his normally dark and sober palette.

The catwalk was lined with low-hanging lamps covered with winding orchids and foliage that echoed the plum colors which appeared in the collection.

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alex said...

ya looked fantastic last night!

burnthesebones said...

seriously-so excited for him. a well deserved victory.