Monday, February 16, 2009

Bubble Girls

As fashion bloggers with a forte in partying, I feel like its our 66Sick duty to show our fellow bloggers who have travelled near and far for Fashion Week a good time, dirty downtown NYC-style. We definitely kicked it off on a high note with the event we threw for Chictopia at LeRoyale, and we just got back from sipping champagne at BEast for the Independent Fashion Bloggers party. And tomorrow night will be noooooo different...

(Sorry the flyer is so incredibly aesthetically unappealing and impossible to read... My stupid ex-boyfriend and resident DJ made it. UGH.)

So what you would be able to gather if the flyer was done by someone smarter than a peanut is Susie from Style Bubble will be guest hosting our home party, Six Six Sick downstairs at Happy Ending, along with us!! Yayyyy!!!! Tomorrow night is going to ruuuuule!!

The best part is that Susie will be given the 66S treatment and dressed up with us! Photos to follow, of course. Gotta keep it a surprise for now!

If you're in the area come by!!

Six Six Sick
Downstairs at Happy Ending
302 Broome between Forsyth and Eldridge
11 pm-4 am, Open Bar 11-12

xoxo! nicollette

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market publique said...

So much fun meeting you at the IFB party! Sorry I couldn't make it to Happy Endings. Let's get more bubbly soon!