Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter Weather Advisory

Bundled up.  Chanel jacket and purse, Coven dress, Generra undershirt, Rachel Comey boots, YSL belt, Look From London tights, Barneys New York fur hat, and necklaces from Arms and Armory, Gerard Yosca, and the district.

This weekend has been alternating snow and sleet, and completely freezing, so it has mainly been devoted to lolling around the house snarfing down tons of chocolate and doing at home Swedish lessons with my husband, who is training to be a Swedish language instructor (and happens to think this godforsaken weather is wonderful).

I did however step out a couple of times, to visit the latest opening at Allegra's gallery, LaViola Bank, which features a multimedia and video art installation by Ivan Örkény & Sandy White, and then to head out to dinner with friends in Brooklyn.  The installation, Blue Room, features plenty of amazing steam-punk style stop-time animation videos, and you should definitely stop by if you are in New York.  Another place you must stop by is Vere Chocolate, which makes the most incredible organic chocolate, and has free chocolate tastings all week long.  I managed to make it over right before the storm broke out, and got a one-on-one explanation and taste of all of the products from the owner herself.  The chocolates are pure (they only do dark chocolate), and "healthful," with no additives, and are currently sold at Whole Foods.  I walked out with some chocolate-covered caramelized popcorn with cayenne pepper.  Perfect for warming you up a little on a nasty winter day.

I will probably stay bundled up for the rest of the week, since it's set to go down to 6C on Thursday night, right in time for Counterfeit, our first party at Santos Party House with Drew from Paper Magazine...I guess I better get used to it!

A still from one of Ivan Örkény & Sandy White's videos on view now at LaViola Bank.

A free chocolate tasting at Vere Chocolate factory!

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Frou Flu said...

oh no i am so going to get myself those chocolates! i am crazy about chocolates vosges being one of my favorites---katrina markoff is brilliant. vere is making me excited:) thank you for sharing this:)

Pammy said...

awww I wish I had the foresight to bundle up. It's going to be really rough cold snap this week. Ive started just eating raw chocolate. It's really bitter, but I lose control if I eat anything but.

the book is called Body Jewelry, International Perspectives by Donald J Willcox.