Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rodebjer's Equestrian Chic

The Rodebjer collection at W29 showroom, featuring two of my favorite looks.  Also note the awesome bags to the left. I want to order the briefcase style one, but in the black and grey plaid.

Rodebjer might have shown their Fall 2009 collection this Monday at Stockholm Fashion Week (which is wrapping up today), but we got to have a little sneak preview  last week at W29 showroom. The collection was inspired by British socialite Nancy Cunard, who served as the muse for Man Ray and Ezra Pound, and who lead an inspired life marked by activism for African American civil rights, and extensive travel.  The resulting collection was full of British riding clothes and jackets, soft mohair knitted wooly plaids, long silk dresses paired with sneakers, lush velvet dresses with a sparkling of black paillettes, and flashes of gold netting.

Having seen the clothes before the fashion show, I was very excited to see how they would be styled.  Rodebjer takes a common sartorial reference point, British equestrian attire, and gives it an entirely contemporary spin.  I imagine these clothes are made for wearing to your country house and then coming back into the city and going out to dinner with friends without having to change a thread.  Completely wearable and immensely desirable, I already am making a wishlist of what I want to pre-order once the prices come in.  I definitely need one of those woolly plaid hoods and a matching bag.  If I can afford one of those sumptuous plaid jackets, I'll take one of those too...And finally, the absurd jersey romper with a jodhpur style swelling at the hip, which my husband would immediately decry as infant wear, has been calling to me, even though I'm sure it would swallow my small frame whole.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the runway show from Stockholm Streetstyle.

A gorgeous full length black and grey plaid coat.

The plaid mohair jacket is worn belted and with the sleeves rolled up, but I would just wear it as a short jacket.  It's super warm and fuzzy.

This is one of my favorite looks, a velvet jumpsuit with a stripe of black paillettes, worn under a long coat and with a mohair hood.  It's very Aldous Huxley doing hallucinogens and Wicca in the woods.

Although it looks like a dress in this picture, this piece is actually a romper with jodhpur style full hips.  I love the styling of it, matched with a flimsy vest, plaid bag, and Alice Dellal style hair, and against my better instincts, I am dying to take this look for a spin...

One of the prettiest pieces in the collection, a gold netted blouse.

A 90's style velvet dress that can be dressed up or worn everyday.

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Gnarlitude Jen said...

These are such amazing pieces.
It makes me laugh though that my eyes go directly to the sneakers when viewing these. Absolutely love them paired with these looks and how bright the white laces stand out!

ipopheart said...

Another wonderful runway show that must be added to the little section in my head that contains awesome runway collections....

May Kasahara said...

love the bags and cowls.

Theresa said...

velvet dress and velvet jumpsuit = perfection, i love it

Kat George said...

I love how much velvet there was at Stockholm this week!


The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Gnarlitude Jen- I know, the shoes are the perfect counterpoint for the outfits, they really prevent them from getting too fussy or girly looking!


LJ said...

velvet dress YUM
xx-LJ from SOS!