Sunday, January 4, 2009

PUG and PIPS does the 66S Rodarte DIY!

Laura wearing her DIY cowl and top---her first knitting attempt ever!

After I did my DIY Rodarte post a couple of weeks ago, I got several queries of whether or not I sell the Rodarte style tights that I made.  I do not, mainly because they have to be properly fitted, and because I just don't have the time.  I was also hoping that my instructions were clear enough to be followed at home, since believe it or not, my intention wasn't to make loads of money (even though lord knows I could use it!), but to help other people figure out a pattern so they could also make something wonderful and personal, and perhaps learn something along the way.  After all, that's the whole point of DIY, right?

Well, I was pretty much ecstatic to find that the lovely Laura from PUG and PIPS blog was so inspired, that she taught herself how to knit, with the Rodarte style cowl as her first project, and then went on to create a slew of other cute knit items, including a knit chain necklace and knit bow inspired by Yokoo.  Not bad for a first go, right?  I hope this inspires all of you at home with idle fingers, because I certainly feel inspired back, and will probably give the chain necklace and the bow and try of my own when I get the chance!

Laura's version of Yokoo's knit chain necklace.

Laura's take on the knit hair bow---So cute!

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Hi from Paris and now New York a si am shootiung this week in New York

i saw your comment on the Sartorialist's blog.

i hope that someday you'll love my blog as weel

i just try to humanize fashion by showing with my street style pics in Paris that real women are more beautiful than anoroexic models in magazines


i wish you a delightful day

cheers from Paris and New York


PUG and PIPS said...

This is such a surprise!
Thankyou so much Tiffany. I adore your blog and everything that you create...I feel privilaged to be a part of it.
Much love!
x x x x Laura

P.S My knitting skills have become considerably better since I started- Going to try and tackle the infamous Rodatre tights soon :)