Friday, January 16, 2009

Opening Ceremony's Funny Money

Print this out!

Opening Ceremony needs to stop taking my money.  Last month at their sample sale, they already took more than my broke ass could afford.  This week, they are offering $50 off every purchase of already discounted items totaling $200 or more at both their NY and LA locations.  Just print out the Opening Ceremony $50 bill (above), which you can redeem until January 25th.  I'm thinking that I might just have to scrape together my last dimes and put them towards a pleated silver Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair top, or some origami folded White Trumpet shirts...

Plus, if you haven't been in a while it's a good time to check out their Hello Kitty house, which is like, the reification of every childhood dream I've ever had.  Full on Kitty house, stuffed to the roof with Kitty goods, and Kitty herself to welcome you at the door.

This is what my idea of a dreamhouse was like when I was four.


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May Kasahara said...

I had a playhouse in my room until I was 14 or something. Now I wish I still had it.

nikkimoose. said...

i just saw the house on thursday - looks super cute x