Saturday, January 24, 2009

On the Road Again..

First off, I have to apologize for being the more negligent (cough cough) blogista of the Six Six Sick outfit. I have been busy on the Screaming Mimis front (i.e.: get ready for a re-launch soon, designed by Christina's forever-boyfriend James!) and tonight is no different. I'm reporting from the Double Tree in Houston (Bush Country, eek!) on my pink BlackBerry--pathetic!

I'm here for the Halloween and Party Expo, the third leg of my trade show marathon (Accessories Show, Surf Expo in Orlando, next week I'm going to the Gem Show in Tuscon). That being said, I travel a great deal for my (dream) job. With every e-tinerary, my idea of travelling becomes less and less frivolous and my luggage becomes smaller and smaller. (Oh, the dread of waiting at the baggage claim and the fear that they lost it all together, not to mention most airlines charge for checking in luggage now!)

Here's my recipe for a fashionably effective carry-on:

-a really easy dress (for me, a black lace slip dress, ala The Craft)
-a "nice" top (I packed a sheer white ruffled blouse by Proenza Schouler for Target)
-two beat-to-shit vintage tees (I NEVER travel without my prized Simpsons and Ren and Stimpy tees)
-one pair of black leggings
-a pair of cutoffs
-another more-than-basic bottom (CDG for H&M dropped crotch pants, and I also slipped in a pair of floral printed vintage leggings)
-black tights
-jacket (Alex Wang-ish/80s blazer was my choice)
-work shoes (sneakers or boots, almost always boots)
-cute flats (Its a bittt warmer here than NYC, so I couldn't resist the my Henrik Vibskov fabric tie-up sandals)
-statement jewelry (ALWAYS my Antti Asplund black acrylic monk cross)

(I apologize for the lack of pictures.. My BB has decided to go on the fritz, therefore so has my livelihood.)

Hot Tip!: Go for the tee/legging/flats combo for the commute. Security will be a breeze, you'll be comfy for the grueling hours on the plane, and the cute flats will keep you from looking dumpy.

Ta Dahhh! Now you're one step closer to preventing baggage- and fashion-induced scoliosis!

xoxo nicollette

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May Kasahara said...

love the list.

waiting for possible no-show luggage is the worst feeling.

July Stars said...

Ren and Stimpy? I used to love it! I know what you mean about prized vintage tees. I have a huge collection myself. Kiss from London

Lauren said...

soo cool, DIY