Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Jewel

My new Iosselliani AR100 limited edition ring. There's a better picture here.

Today we stopped by W29 Showroom again for a fitting with the lovely Margarita Sapala.  We will be working on her lookbook, and got to try on some of the unfinished samples.  While I'm at W29 I always have to touch everything I see, especially the jewelry.  I've been lusting after an Iosselliani ring for a long time, but I'm on a permanent self imposed jewelry buying ban (because I can make it, yo), so I've been resisting for a full year now.  All you clothe whores out there know how rough that is, and every time I walk through those W29 doors, I hear the siren call of pretty jewels.  This time I caved.  I've been a pretty good girl this month, and when Shelley told me that they had one of the limited edition styles that I wanted in stock, I couldn't resist the opportunity.  I knew I wasn't going to get a better price (wholesale and landed!) and I didn't even have to go about with all that pesky pre-ordering nonsense, which always makes me antsy (I'm all about instant gratification).  Suzanne, the owner of W29, warned me that Iosselliani jewelry is a veritable addiction.  Like I need another one of those.  Anyway, who knows what maelstrom of nasty jewelry buying demons this purchase has unleashed, only time will tell, but I am already trying to curb the urge for a second piece.  In the meantime, the piece I already own has reminded me of this pop-noir video by the appropriately named Swedish band Juvalen (The Jewel) for their song Hanna.


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May Kasahara said...

god. that ring.

damn. fucking flawless. you have great taste.

Vintage Tea said...

Aw congrats on the ring! lol. I have an Iosselliani ring too. Its kinda different from this one. I love all their stuff x

Fashion Trix said...

Precious bling