Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jack of all trades master of none cry all the time cause I'm not having fun

What I ordered: White Poisongarden dress 92 € also in black (125 €)

I've already written about Antti Asplund's clothing---simple silhouettes and clean lines infused with distinctly morbid iconography--but to truly understand Antti, you have to go beyond the fashion and embrace the lifestyle.  Personally, looking at his work, it recalls my college obsession with cult photography book, Wisconsin Death Trip, the story of a small rural town at the turn of the century inflicted by a malaise of madness (probably lead poisoning in the water) that resulted in two decades of profuse murder, strange suicides, arson, window-smashing, and general collective insanity.  I've always been a fan of insane-asylum chic, and Antti does it best.  What else does his work, and his world remind me of?  The creepy paranormal White Lodge of Twin Peaks, the dark humor and cartoon irreverence of Tim Burton, and the maudlin romance of one of my favorite bands, Beach House (along with the matching decay of Victorian row houses in Baltimore, which is what I think of when I listen to them).  Oh, and throw in a touch of anime and Howl's Moving Castle, and then maybe you have a sense of the kind of trippy alterna-universe that Antti evokes in my imagination.

Sadly, Antti's designs are almost exclusively available in Scandinavia and Japan.  That is, until now.  Antti has setup a Paypal service, and is shipping internationally.  In addition, most of his store is on sale  at the moment, and available at a hefty discount.  Even though the dollar is still in a pretty sad state compared to the Euro, I took this opportunity to order the white Poisongarden dress that I've been dreaming of for the past few months.  Antti also threw in one of his new translucent cross necklaces as a gift, so now I will have two to alternate, or more likely, wear together.

Here are some images of my favorite pieces which are available at the sale, along with some of the aforementioned things that they remind me of.  You can see the rest of the pieces here, and if you are interested in ordering anything, you can email Antti.  Wisconsin Death Trip styled photoshoot with my new dress to come...

Vapour scarf/collar 46 €, Vapour skirt 79 € SOLD
Spider skirt 80 €, Eggs necklace 54 €

Vapour skirt 147 €

Adjustable Sprocket skirt 102 € (worn on a dress here)

I wear my Antti Asplund cross everywhere.  Rosa and yellow Crosses 15 €

Left: Reflective Crosses 15 €, Right: "Roses" Blood Transfusion Necklace 8 €

The man, the myth the legend...Antti himself in full Twin Peaks form.

A photo of two hooded women from Wisconsin Death Trip.

Beach House's video for Heart of Chambers, directed by Alistair Legrande.

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Gnarlitude Jen said...

Wow. These are all such amazing pieces + that dress you got is seriously beautiful. Can't wait to see the shoot with it!

May Kasahara said...

can't wait for dress photos. Glad you bought both colors :)

Frou Flu said...

that's an amazing dress i can't wait to see you wear them:)

The Six Six Sick Girls said...


I actually only bought the white color! I wish I had enough money to buy a lot more, but seeing as I'm quite broke I had to restrain myself!


indie said...

I want to see the white on you! I also got an white dress from him, can't wait to wear it for something special.