Friday, January 2, 2009

The House of Viktor & Rolf

I've been seeing photos of the Viktor & Rolf Dollhouse Exhibiton at the Barbican Gallery for the past few months, and was reminded of it again when I met Zana, who said that she had the chance to visit the show when she was in London. The exhibition, which is an entire dollhouse featuring both life size and miniature porcelain dolls wearing Viktor & Rolf's creations from the past 15 years, is in itself almost worth a trip to London, but due to my unfortunate lack of funds, that's not happening anytime soon. I did however manage to scrape up enough Christmas money to buy myself The House of Victor & Rolf book, which serves as an exhibition catalog, and a summary of all of their work to date. I normally don't splurge on books, but I couldn't help myself. Every single page is a source of endless inspiration, and reminded me of all my favorite pieces that I had forgotten about over the years.

It also evoked plenty of V&R memories. I'll never forget when Christina and her boyfriend James slicked their hair back, donned cardigans and glasses, and dressed as the couple for Halloween three years back. Or, another Halloween when Feng Feng recreated the bow dress from Spring 2005, which you can find her wearing in The Misshapes Book. And I'm sure I'm not the only one here who was on hand for the Victor & Rolf for H&M opening, where we all woke up early to wrestle amongst the similarly fashion-crazed. I walked out with five pieces that I still wear quite frequently.

I definitely won't be able to afford the real thing anytime soon, but this book will definitely provide momentum for plenty of DIYs to come.  Here are some of my favorite pages.  Sorry for the crappy image quality (I don't have a scanner) but if you would like to see more images of the actual show, you can find them here.

The duo's first collection from 1993, which won them three awards at Hyeres.


This style of collar has influenced many a 66Sick outfit.

A doll clad in their Black Hole collection.

I'm still in love with these duvet inspired pieces from Bedtime Story.

These floral adorned dresses are the perfect fodder for a DIY!  On the to-do list for 2009...

My all-time favorite V&R collection, which was largely panned for the abuse of the models, who looked terrified that they were going to fall during the entire runway show.  Even so, I can't get over their post-modern take on The Fashion Show, and think it's one of their most brilliant collections to date.

The back cover.

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Pammy said...

oh my god yes, diy doll clothes. It would make a great project.

Frou Flu said...

oh wow i collect porcelain dolls and these by far are the prettiest i've ever seen. i wish i could go to that exhibit:( that would be totally awesome. thanks for posting!:)

seo expert said...
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zana bayne said...

Oh good! You got the book! Gawwd, I could have LIVED in that exhibition, especially in the "black" collection.