Thursday, January 8, 2009

Icons and Iconoclasts

Agyness modeling her own tribute shirt!

I meant to write about our friend Dana Veraldi's T-shirt line, Deer Dana a couple months ago, but that was in the middle of market week, which meant that it quickly slipped my mind. I was reminded again after reading Gnarlitude Jen's post on Henry Holland's awesome T-shirt featuring Daphne Guinness, which is also an insanely covetable T-shirt featuring a line drawing of a beloved fashion icon.

Deer Dana, which was launched a year ago, started with hand drawn portraits of some of Dana's friends, like Agyness Deyn and Jackson Pollis, as well as legendary fashion icons such as Andre Leon Talley and Hamish Bowls. The images are available on tees and totes, and recently Dana added a couple of new icons and iconoclasts to the collection, including Olivier Theyskens of Nina Ricci, YSL, and Olivier Zahm of Purple Magazine. Dana doesn't just draw fashion insiders though. My personal favorite t-shirt happens to be a depiction of three sweet bunnies...

The sweetest take on the ubiquitous Obama Tee.

A tribute to YSL.
Purple Magazine editor Olivier Zahm.

My personal favorite: The bunny t-shirt modeled by 66S BFF and guest stylist, Bunny.

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Frou Flu said...

i love those shirts!

fuxsake said...

bunny is the new avantgarde.
thanks for your comment, really appreciated it.
yeah send me a ticket and i'll spin the records for ya ;)

Charm said...

Ha. The bunny one is my favourite, too!

Ian Brown said...

I need that Olivier t-shirt now.