Saturday, January 17, 2009

ELLE Galan 2009 Winners

Yesterday night was the annual ELLE Galan, a huge party and awards ceremony at Grand Hotel in Stockholm, celebrating Swedish fashion.  You'll probably see more pictures of the actual event on the Swedish fashion blog circuit pretty soon, and you can find the complete list in Swedish on the Elle website, but in the meantime (and if you don't speak Swedish) here are some of the winners.  

International Designer of the Year: Luella Bartley.  The Swedes always have a sentimental love for the Brits, and this year they celebrated the saccharinely sweet designs of Luella, as "British fashion at it's best."  I have to admit that I'm also quite enamoured with the Spring 09 collection.

Fashion Designer of the Year: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair.  Not to sound like a Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair stalker, since this is the third time I've posted about them in a row, but I'm very happy to see them receiving the attention that they deserve.  The line, which was picked up last year by Opening Ceremony, and last season by Barneys, is finally getting its time in the spotlight, and was lauded for its experimentation and hypercreativity.  

H&M Stipend Newcomer of the Year: Noir et Blanc.  I also wrote about this line last month, and have to say that they're one of the most distinctive and exciting brands amongst some very talented competition.  Their win was based on their strong knowledge of textiles and prints, and their ability to cater to a young and trendy public.

Best Dressed Woman of the Year: Lykke Li.  Lykke Li was one of my favorite artists of 2008, and even though her music was way overplayed at the Spring 09 fashion shows, I never get tired of listening to her, and the video for Breaking It Up is one of the best videos to watch before going out.  Not only is her outfit awesome, but so are her dance moves.

Best Dressed Man of the Year: Håkan Hellström.  Okay, so I have to admit that we were *slightly* disappointed that it wasn't Jimmy's best friend, Oskar, who won the "Sweden's Best Dressed Common Man" contest.  Hahahah.  I actually don't think I can say much for Håkan's personal style (although he does look quite cute in his sailor shirt, no?), but I do love his music. Känn Ingen Sorg För Mig Göteborg is my favorite song of his.  He's also helpful to listen to if you're trying to learn Swedish...


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Ian Brown said...

Kind of surprised I'm not as familiar with these names, other than Lykke and Fifth Ave Shoe Repair.

Pammy said...

oooh luella. That collection made me want to wear orange and purple exclusively.

frncs said...

I just love that Lykke Li video, so ideal.

KATLIN said...

Love Fifth Ave Shoe Repair!