Wednesday, January 14, 2009

DIY With Bunny

For the past couple of weeks Bunny has been going on about how he is obsessed with "My Own Private Idaho", and how he really wants a pair of cowboy boots that look like he found them in a garbage can so, we headed out to one of our favorite thrift spots and picked up the perfect pair of boots. Later that evening we decided to raid my craft supply closet in search of anything to distress the boots.


After the raid, our supplies consisted of pastels, off color paint, old makeup, super gloss varnish, fake blood and a cheese grater! We used two canvas tote bags as a drop cloth, so that we could have matching totes. ha

The cheese grater worked out very well. I wish that we could have put a gun shot hole through the top of the boot, but we don't know anyone that owns a gun.

we then rubbed the boots into some dirt and grass

and then scraped them across the cement


After...... so fun.


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May Kasahara said...

holy fuck.

If you made me a pair of bloody gored up boots - I would never take them off. ♥

I like the idea of bleeding shoes.

zana bayne said...

I think those boots need some beer stains and perhaps a smear of sandwich? But all an all, they turned out pretty great.

Ian Brown said...

Hah! I fucking love these. That's such a smart idea I would have never thought of. Kudos to Bunny.

Idaho is one of the few Van Sant flicks I have not seen. Is it really good? Paranoid Park was a let down.

wolfwhistle said...

They look absolutely amazing. You guys are genius!

Mollie said...

I love those, great idea!

thesearchforchic said...

=D Great job... I love when boots get that really worn in look.. I wish I had a boots like that, amazing leather and just beaten up.