Monday, January 5, 2009

Circus Circus

The new way.  Vintage Emilio Pucci leggings, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair top, Marni Shoes, Alexandre Herchcovitch scarf, Antti Asplund necklace, Cara Croninger lucite cuff.

Yesterday afternoon, I walked into my favorite thrift store, The Vintage Thrift Shop, one block away from my apartment, for one of my weekly walk throughs. The shop, which benefits the United Jewish Council of the East Side, is inconspicuous and unpublicized, often overshadowed by the Marc Jacobs approved Housing Works Thrift Shop across the street, as well as the Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Metropolitan Opera Thrift Shop that also sit on 23rd Street. Really, I live in a thrift shopping district of sorts, but those who know me will find I often can't be bothered with the belabored digging that thrifting often requires. Which is why I love The Vintage Thrift Shop so much, because even though it is stocked entirely through donations, they seem to astutely merchandise and curate their wares, so that all the finds are already at your fingertips. I've seen many YSL and Dior coats, the most gorgeous selection of vintage hats, someone's entire collection of vintage broadtail, and once, a harlequin style Geoffrey Beene jacket up for auction. Plus, it still appears to be under the fashion set's radar, so there's no one to fight with!

Anyway, when I walked in, I found the leggings of my dreams.  Vintage high waisted Emilio Pucci leggings bearing one of his signature colorful prints, for $60.  I'm always a sucker for eye-searing styles, and clothing that other people regularly heap loads of scorn upon, and Emilio Pucci happens to fall into both of those categories.  While I used to eBay for him as a teenager, and have a couple of classic over-the-top pieces, they are generally met with the disapproval of my black-clad set of friends.  Oh well.  I've already played around with wearing them two ways.  The more contemporary spin, which I see myself wearing out on a regular basis, and then, just for fun, the classic sixties psychedelic Pucci on Pucci look.  Color adverse people out there, avert your eyes!

The old way.  Vintage Pucci dress and leggings, Chloe shoes, Alexandre Herchcovitch scarf, Chanel sunglasses, Gerard Yosca jewelry.

How they wore it when....


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Pammy said...

I'm in love with this post. You have to watch Freaks or Something Wicked This Way Comes. Or The Unknown. As you can see, I like circus-ey movies.

zana bayne said...

Those leggings are supreme...golden find, madame

Cassidy Haley said...

ha! awesome..
you should check out my company skingraft designs for some really far out circusy stuff..

its pretty high end but probably right up your ally..