Saturday, January 24, 2009


Comme des Garcons for H&M jacket and blouse, Zara pants, Pied a Terre over the knee boots, H&M scarf, vintage beret, Antti Asplund cross necklace.

A couple of months ago, Lulu came to New York to visit, and to guest host with us.  She landed in the middle of Comme des Garcons madness, and was also at the height of her drop crotch obsession.  While Nicollette, Sofia and Aapo all pounced on the CDG drop crotch style, Christina and I shied away, saying to each other, "well I like them on other people, but they would never ever look good on me."  We both top out at 5'1", and are very adverse to the idea of anything that will make as look shorter, and probably stumpier.  When Lulu learned that we had passed on her beloved drop crotch she exclaimed, like a missionary to two potential converts, "but drop crotch looks the BEST on short people!"  And like so many other of her blog readers, I couldn't help but notice that they did look quite good on her own similarly sized frame.

Well ever since Lulu's subtle brainwashing, Christina and I found that our minds have both been subconsciously wandering towards the infamous drop crotch, ruminating, dissecting and turning it around in our heads,  and a couple of weeks ago, we ended up wearing a drop crotch style romper fashioned out of an upside down dress (pictures to come) for 66Sick.  Both of us couldn't contain our excitement, and I felt an increasing pang for the drop crotch pants.  And so I found myself walking into Zara yesterday, which is a veritable warehouse of discounted drop crotch, harem, and jodhpur pants at the moment, and trying on half a dozen styles.  All were too large for me, and at various times I found my body revolting in a "this is not appropriate for me!" sort of way, but I ended up walking away with a pair of slightly drop crotch harem pants, one size too large, but at a 75% discount.

For my first night out in drop crotch, hosting the Valerie Collective show at Webster Hall last night, I decided to do a riff on a similarly brainwashed lady, Patty Hearst, during her time as "Tania," bank robber and freedom fighter for the Symbionese Liberation Army.

My similarly brainwashed muse for the night, Patty Hearst as "Tania."

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May Kasahara said...

looks great. you rock it. ♥

nikkimoose. said...

best outfit yet xo

LJ said...

lovely pants! i got a pair of dropcrotch from zara too... maybe they're the same..

xx-LJ from SOS!

lulu said...

Hahaha NICE.

lulu said...

Btw HOLLER I'm in town... right now.

call me bucket said...

i love this outfit!!

call me bucket said...

i absolutely love this outfit!

Rowena said...

Yummmmmmm. Love that cross too.