Friday, January 9, 2009

The Bold and The Beautiful

A couple of weeks ago, I stopped in to check out the recently opened designer second hand store, Mina.  While there were racks of past-season Chloe, and plenty of other treasures from the owner's extensive archive, the one thing that truly caught my eye was the display of extremely bold, colorful geometric printed leggings and dresses at the front of the store.  I'm always a fan of big, psychedelic prints that are more trippy than hippy, more bold than boho, and Michael Angel satisfies these criterion.  The Australian designer, who launched his first collection for Spring 08 at New York Fashion Week,  seems to favor making voluminous silk pieces full of vibrant colors, which are offset by structured metallic pieces, and the occasional flash of Swarovski crystal.  What could be saccharine, pretty evening gowns are balanced with a hard edge, striking a chord that any downtown girl can understand, without reverting to the rock'n'roll tropes and cliches that are all too commonplace these days. 

While I could never dream of affording his clothing at full retail price, Michael Angel is having a sample sale this weekend at Mina, and I definitely will stop by in the hopes of being able to afford something, even though I am pinching my pennies in these doom and gloom days.  For those of you who won't be able to make it, here are some pictures of his Spring 09 collection from Dazed Digital

This psychedelic ombre is like a highly evolved tie-dye.

A Zebra striped dress with Swarovski crystal studded shoulder pads, paired with lame leggings.

Another beautiful gown being steamed backstage.

An elegant top is offset with a rhinestone belt and metallic pants.

Ashley Olsen wearing one of Michael Angel's pieces in her book, Influence.


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