Monday, January 19, 2009

66S Flashback: We Did It Before Margiela

66Sick outfits from May 2007.

I always get plenty of comments, both positive and negative, about my Martin Margiela bra leotard.  I was talking about it with Christina the other day, when I said, "Hey, you know, we did that whole look before Margiela did it."  We've been through so many different looks, and it was so long ago that we nearly forgot about it, but I thought it might be time to dig up some of pictures from that night.

Originally, Christina had been inspired by the image of Trent Reznor bound up, blindfolded and writhing around in the Nine Inch Nails music video for Closer.  The problem was that Trent appeared topless, wearing nothing but opera length gloves. How were we going to achieve this look without actually baring all?  I started by picking up some nude high waisted body shaping shorts from Century 21, and Christina bought some American Apparel nude bandeau bras for the top.  We finished the look with Blueblockers from Duane Reade (in place of Trent's blindfold), black opera length gloves from the district, and YSL gladiator heels.  Whenever I look back at these photos, I almost automatically think of Margiela, but then I remember, we were just dressing up as one of our favorite male music icons for the night...

Doing my best Trent.

The original source of inspiration: Trent Reznor blindfolded and writhing around in the music video for Closer.

A look from Maison Martin Margiela's Spring 08 collection, complete with Blueblocker style wrap around shades, which he showed in October 2007,  five months after we did our take.

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A La Mode said...

Ooooooh I LOVE Margiela! You girls pull it off well, or should I say, Margiela pulls off your look well! xxx

May Kasahara said...

oozing hot.

Fashion Is Poison said...

sweeeeet i love it

joviedoo said...

i think i like it wayyyy better on you guys then margiela look.

woodley park-zoo said...

SUCH a fab idea, you guys look soooo hot!!

KATLIN said...

Hah this is awesome! Props to you girls for rocking those body shaping shorts! I could never pull that off!

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Katlin- Body shapers are super flattering if they're made well, I suggest everyone give them a could definitely make it work!