Sunday, August 31, 2008

Closet Cases

New Yorkers are famously obsessed with their closet space, and couple of weeks ago, New York Magazine did a story called Heaven, With Hangers, featuring the closets of six very fashionable New Yorkers.  Amongst those featured was our former employer (and the reason why we all met in the first place), Anna Sui.  Inspired by The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the immensely enviable closet is framed by a vintage style armoire which has the back cut out, and magically expands into a larger walk-in closet.

If only I could throw open the doors to my overstuffed closet and be transported into an infinitely endless wardrobe!  My once roomy closet, which was built by the previous apartment tenant, a professional closet designer, has now been burdened with the load of a second inhabitant, my husband.  Not a man of many clothes (mainly because he could only carry so much luggage over from Stockholm), he at first begrudgingly occupied the tiny sliver of closet I had cleared out from him from my skirt area, as well as the unreachable top shelf area (a.k.a. Siberia).  Of course, as time goes on, more grumbling has ensued, and he has all but staged a full scaled coup, trying to position for larger and choicer bits of closet space, in a fight all too reminiscent of when Aidan moved in with Carrie ("Do not mock the clothes!").  Fearful that I will come home to find half of my clothes carted off to the Salvation Army, I have preemptively begun the tearful process of clearing out more of my stuff to go into the donation pile.  I have also taken into consideration how to restructure my beloved wardrobe, before calling it quits and renting out some sad space in Manhattan Mini-Storage for my off-season goods, like so many other space-deprived New Yorkers before me.  If anyone has any ingenious space-saving ideas, let me know. In the meantime, look out for my remnants of my skirt collection at a Beacon's Closet near you...

One of my three decidedly non-magically-expanding wardrobes.

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Fashion Wank

Get out your calendars kids, Fashion Week is on full force this season.  Nearly every timeslot is at least double, if not triple booked, so be prepared for plenty of scrambling around the city. On Friday alone I'm going to see Steinunn, Mischen, Iris Loeffler, Robert Geller, and Feng Feng's new line, Savant.  We'll see how far I make it.  Check out a detailed listing at frillr.


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i'm a sucker for style

Ok, so I fell in love. At first sight. Or sale.

As most of you know, I'm the head buyer of Screaming Mimis, the most badass vintage store ever. Yesterday I was tending to our summer outpost in Montauk, a.k.a. Twin Peaks With a Beach, when my first customer of the day struck me with his boyish looks, surfer charm, and sickkk style. He had me with his baggy Levis cuffed up above his ankles to show off his beat-to-shit Ol' Skool Vans. (Jeans not unlike the only two pairs I own:)

I've always had a thing for boys who shop at my store, mostly since I buy for the store with my Dream Boy in mind. "What would he wear to our dream date? To the beach? To the Morrissey concert??" My ex-boyfriend really liked the selection we offered, and I met my alllllll-tiiiiiiime crush because he's been a customer of mine for years. It almost makes finding new crushes too easy!

My latest new bait to lure cute boys in the store is the VINTAGE WU TANG T-SHIRT that I styled on the boy mannequin in our current "L8R SK8R" window. gaggg!!! (So far, among the cute boys lured is my fellow 90s-centric grungy friend Eric Scholsberg who is the gay version of my Dream Boy. I guess that makes him my ULTIMATE Dream Boy.)

The surfer dream boat, left buying a rad baja pullover and a vintage rugby and stealing my heart.

xo, nicollette

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Final Days of Barneys Warehouse

The Sale:
Barneys New York Warehouse Sale

The Strategy: Everyone who really shops at Barneys knows that the best time to hit the sale is before it goes to warehouse, since the store goes 70% off a month before. That's when you pick out the choice goods, the ones that you've been clocking all season, that are finally on markdown. It's best to pick those up quick, since they'll be gone before warehouse, where the goods will start out at the same discount as 70% off sale, but with approximately 1/2 the merchandise. Not to mention the advantage of shopping in a civilized department store environment, rather than having to elbow your way through a massive pile of picked over crap amongst hoards of frantic, grabby, and half-naked women. For some reason, not many people realize this. Of course, the discount drops as the week goes on, but doesn't become truly bargain hunter worthy until the final days when they slash the prices an additional 50-75%. Of course, by the end of the sale, it's mostly designer scraps and damaged duds, so it's best to go in with an open mind, looking out for items that have potential to be styled.
The Stuff: This sale wielded much less than last season. After two hours of trying on clothes, I took a risk, and walked out with a pink Comme des Garcons garment (it's a skirt, it's a dress, it's a pair of harem pants!), which was way too big for me, but was reduced from $1240 to $154, and seems to have a lot of styling potential. Here is the pink fluff blob:

Expect to see more of this, in a more inspired form during Fashion Week. I passed on a black Boudicca pencil skirt with a lace ruffle, which was simple and beautiful, but not special enough, and a bunch of the lacy white Alaia, which was pretty, but still way too expensive. Others seemed more successful. Sofia scored with a Marc Jacobs side slit dress, similar to the one I wore to my wedding reception, adorned with neon mice. Christina had the best luck in the Men's department, where she found a Number (N)ine shirt and a Dries Van Noten sheer burgundy button-down. Ashley was the only one who left with shoes this time around, bagging a pair of Martin Margiela heels, as well as a Kate Moss for Topshop beaded dress.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blood, Sweat & Bottle Service- 90's style

On nights that we don't match, we try to coordinate Editorial style.  For hosting Marquee last night, we channeled the early 90's with R.E.M. alterna-girls and Jane's Addiction groupies in mind.

Nicollette wears a vintage blazer and oversized R.E.M. Concert Tee from Screaming Mimi's, Miu Miu shoes, a Shoplifter bag, and a fake Lanvin necklace from the district.

Tiffany wears a Balenciaga vest, a Topshop Unique tank top, American Apparel leggings, Marni shoes, and a Six Six Sick necklace inspired by Givenchy.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

BABE-raham Lincoln

While stalling before getting my make up and Miu Mius on for our Wednesday night party (ROOM 3 at Marquee) , I felt jealous (and lazy) that the girls had already posted and I didn't. So here goes..

As fall fashion is already upon us and wardrobe overhauls have every 20-something in New York in a frenzy, I'm still trying to figure out my fall look. My late-summer look was "DUMPED" (sigh) which involved being an absolute all-around knock out around-the-clock. Long wild shiny hair,  Tia Carrere circa Wayne's World-esque lycra dresses (SCHWINGGG!!), heels after 8:00 pm, smoky come hither eyes, and most importantly, a good 'tude. 

But now that I'm coming out of the depths of The Break-Up (sigh), I feel the innate "Weird Art/Special Ed Teenage Girl" look re-surfacing. Today, for example: low side braid, gold beaded shoulder duster earrings, maroon-striped rugby buttoned all the way up, cuffed denim shorts, and black prairie boots.

I guess when you combine the two looks its "The Hottest Girl of the SpEd Program". I can do that. And do it well.

Its almost time to go to MARQUEE!! yayyyy!!!


xoxo, nicollette

p.s... did ya'll see my boobs on hahaha oh goddd

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The Bikeriders

Here are some photos from the Surface Magazine Dior shoot that I assisted.

Erik Swain -- Photographer


These are a pair of military boots that the stylist brought back from Berlin.

Tools of the trade, charcoal and Evian to simulate dirt and sweat.

bike week

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Robot Rock with Nick Hook 8/15/08

Every other week we host Robot Rock with GBH at Le Royale. Sometimes we make a new outfit, but often, we piece together bits from previous outfits to create a new look. Last Friday, we paired a lace dress we originally made for my Bachelorette Party with a harness top we made out of elastic and metal hoops. We accessorized with a giant felt flower hairband we made for a "widows in mourning" look, and studded fingerless biker gloves purchased off St. Mark's.


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One Part Hamburglarer + Two Parts Marie Antoinette

When Christina happed upon this super ruffly pink fabric in the district, she immediately thought of the Comme des Garcon Fall 2008 show, which has served as the source of inspiration for 90% of our outfits lately. Originally put off by the expensive price tag (around $30/yard), she managed to find a 3 yard damaged piece (some of the ruffles had started coming off) which she picked up for a mere $10.

Comme des Garcons Fall 2008 RTW

We started by cutting the fabric into simple 2 1/2' x 1 1/2' rectangles, and sewed up the seems, leaving 2 slits open for armholes on the sides, and one slit open for a neckhole at the top.

Next, we tacked down the loose ruffles to prevent them from fraying any more, but left the remnants of the already frayed ends hanging off the dress to create a dishabille look, like the CDG show.

We originally intended on knotting up some twill tape to form a spider web around the dress, like the CDG look, but decided that it wasn't looking right, and opted to tie a simple ribbon belt around the waist, styling it more like a Chanel cocktail dress.

Still, the look didn't seem complete, so we finished by painting a mask around our eyes, which had the goofiness of the McDonald's Hamburglarer (a character that Rei Kawakubo would probably appreciate) while also evoking the mask that Kirsten Dunst wore as Marie Antoinette, another woman known for her love of frothy dresses.


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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Self Taught Learner

Jonas at my wedding, wearing vintage.  Photo by Jason Andrew

It's a given that Jonas Sundstrom is pretty nice to look at. Girls, gays, and even many heterosexual males, all swoon over his androgynous features. With bone structure built for modeling, Jonas just finished touring on Ryan McGinley's Roadtrip, and also recently wrapped a shoot for the Balenciaga Men's catalog. Be that as it may, Jonas's best traits are his complete joie de vivre, and the way he manages to translate everyday moments into elegiac poetry whenever he tells a story. I also love him because he managed to get back to New York from the Roadtrip just in time to DJ with Anton at my wedding. I've known Jonas for three years now, since he first arrived in New York from Sweden, and it would seem that nothing boring ever happens in his life, or maybe that's just the way he tells it. Some day I hope he will have time to write it all down, but in the meantime he's made a beautiful video with the lovely Tarynn Weihahn for Lissy Trullie's song, "Self Taught Learner."

If you would like to see more of Jonas, you can look for him in the Sigur Ros video for Globbledigook, also shot by Ryan McGinley.

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Happy Mondays This Friday

I can't tell you how excited I am to be hosting Robot Rock this Friday, with Guest DJ, Paul Ryder of Happy Mondays, the infamous 90's British band that grew out of the same Manchester scene as New Order. If, for some reason, you have no idea who the Happy Mondays are, please go out and rent 24 Hour Party People, which documents the Manchester music scene through the eyes of Factory Records owner, Tony Wilson. My favorite music film of all time, the movie not only documents the absurd drug-addled exploits of the Happy Mondays, but also focuses on the birth of Joy Division and New Order, as well as many other seminal bands of that era.

Please stop by to see a living legend, and make sure to say Six Six Sick at the door for free entry!


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Monday, August 25, 2008

Multiple Orgasms...

Finally, an orgasm that you can have at work. It started last Fashion Week when Christina scored the NARS Cosmetic's multi-purpose colorstick in Orgasm in the Doo Ri goodybag. In turn, she shared the love with me during our many nights putting on makeup together pre-Six Six Sick, and soon I too was addicted. We will always love NARS, not just because they've sponsered the Six Six Sick girls with some amazing makeup in the past, but mainly for the reason that all of their products come in amazing shades which glide on with a super-supple velvety finish. Orgasm, for example, delivers just the right amount of simulated post-coital rosiness, with an additional golden shimmer to create a positively glowing effect. Now, if it only would stop wiping off on my iphone...


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Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's just a perfect day...

Yesterday Nicollette, Christina, Ashley, Erin and I took a field trip out to Flushing, Queens to have a girl's day at Spa Castle. Having seemingly landed in Beijing, rather than the far reaches of New York City, my companions seemed rather surprised (and let's admit it, probably suspicious). While I have spent many a childhood meal eating many dim sum and Chinese banquet meals in Flushing Chinatown, I must say it seems like a dubious location for an ostensible luxury spa. Maybe it's because I work at Happy Ending, a bar that once housed a Chinatown "massage parlor" that famously delivered the "special release," but you can't help but get a little skeptical of the idea of an authentic Asian spa. Nonetheless, after boarding a van and being taken through a long stretch of Korean restaurants and desolate suburban street, we arrived at a 100,000 square foot complex, complete with indoor and outdoor pools, hot tubs, saunas, food courts, nap rooms, and of course, an array of spa and massage treatments. For the flat price of $45 ($35 on weekdays), you get access to all of the facilities, paying extra for treatments, massages, and food. The entire concept is based on bath houses that they have all over Korea and the rest of Asia.

The spa has at least 10 different saunas, including an authentic Finnish-style steam sauna, where I tried to replicate the sauna experience I had at my friend Aapo's country house in Finland: sweating for as long as you can take it in the extraordinarily hot sauna, before plunging into a body of icy cold water (in Finland a freezing lake, and in this case, a 59 degree cold bath). They also have a smurf-village configuration of somewhat less authentic saunas, such as "Ice Land," a cold sauna, "Jade Sauna", a sauna housed in an agate lined igloo, "Gold Sauna," which is lined in gold foil, and a "Color Therapy" sauna where you can change the lighting according to your mood. Violet, for example, is supposed to promote creativity, but I just chose it because it looks pretty.

However, the most rejuvenating part of the entire experience was stepping under "The Waterfall," which rapidly pours gallons of water onto you like its namesake, is brutally akin to being hosed down by the police, yet also provides a sadistically pleasurable massage that leaves you aching afterwards.

We finished the day in Women's section, which we affectionately labeled "The Naked Section" (sorry, no pictures provided), where there is absolutely no room for modesty. Even if it's not for the shy, it is probably the most relaxing place in the entire spa, sheltered from the large crowds and screaming children that pack the outdoor pool areas.  That is, unless you're Christina, and get anxiety attacks from being surrounded by frolicking naked people.

None of us had any massages, and there definitely weren't any happy endings, but we all had a relaxing day trip and a perfect day, for much cheaper than any spa a quarter of Spa Castle's size back in the homeland, Manhattan. We will most definitely be back, and Spa Castle is the one thing that makes me look forward to winter, when I plan on doing some jacuzzi in the snow.


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Friday, August 22, 2008

Friendship Shoes Are Forever

L-R: Nicollette in Chloe, Tiffany in Marni, Ashley in Miu Miu, Feng Feng in YSL, Christina in YSL. Photo by Jason Andrew

It's funny that of the hundreds and hundreds of photos taken during my wedding last month, one of my favorite shots of all is of a bunch of feet. Or at least, the very well heeled feet of myself and my best friends. When we first started Six Six Sick, we began by acquiring as many pieces of matching clothing and accessories as we could, in the name of building similar wardrobes appropriate for composing our matching outfits each week. While we mainly make most of our own clothes, none of us have acquired cobbler skills (yet) and our first investment was a nice pair of matching "Friendship Shoes": 4-inch high black patent leather YSL gladiators for all! Unfortunately, designer shoes aren't necessarily made for out of control dancing, partying, general debauchery, etc., and within months, we had each managed to completely destroy our shoes beyond repair (have you ever tried to fix a shoe split in half?). Even though our original friendship shoes have teetered off to designer shoe heaven, we still remain a sorority of towering heels, much needed considering all of us hover around 5'1.

A few of my other favorite wedding photos:

I wore my mother's old wedding gown from Priscilla of Boston, and Chloe shoes. Jimmy wore a Marc Jacobs tuxedo. Photo by Jason Andrew

During the reception, I wore a Marc Jacobs dress, a YSL belt (gift of Feng Feng) and Marni shoes.  Photos by Jason Andrew


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Monday, August 18, 2008

Object To Be Destroyed

What do you do with a couple of yards of silver mesh, which has the texture and flexibility of a window screen (and feels just as comfortable against your skin)? While having just as much tactile appeal as steel wool, it's non-fraying quality made this new-ravey material ideal for cutting into fanciful shapes, and we quickly decided it would make a perfect silver cage dress. Unfortunately, the silver foil was only lightly fused to the black plastic backing, so, as the night wore on, the dress began to disintegrate into a tinsely mess; an all too common post-Six Six Sick wardrobe malfunction, but almost always an indicator of a wild night.

We started by folding the fabric into a quarter, and cutting out a jumper. The entire dress was cut out in one piece, with the front and back attached by the straps:

After the jumper was cut, we measured equal rows of squares across the front of the jumper:

We carefully cut out the squares, cutting through both the front and back side at the same time:

After all the dozens of squares were cut, we ran the side seems through the sewing machine:

We bunched together some of the remaining scraps to form some origami like starbursts, which we pinned in our hair:

We finished by throwing our silver jumpers over our black American Apparel dresses, and adding some thigh high fishnets and a fake Lanvin necklace purchased for $10 in the district.


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