Thursday, December 4, 2008


Here are some shots from Arrojo's annual hair show "Underground". This show is their stylist's no rules trend forecast for the coming season. This was my first hair show and it was quite interesting to go to a runway show where the clothing was an accent to the hairstyles instead of the other way around. Their main focus was wild almost fur like textures. I myself jump out of bed and rarely do anything to my hair, so if they forecast messy unkempt hair, I've got that box checked! We were also commissioned to make a few jewelry pieces for the show.
here is our Givenchy inspired cross necklace, which is now a staple in our six six sick closet! The Models walked in front of projections of catacombs.

Tiffany and I love this look and we tried pull it off on a night out.

Shortly after the show, I bought a curling iron and I am planning on buying some sponge curlers!


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Ivania said...

oh shes wearing lovely gold chains and I really like that messy hair

woodley park-zoo said...

I love the second one... want to dooo eeet!