Friday, December 12, 2008

Screaming Mimi's 30th Anniversary Dinner!

The theme of the entire evening was pearls, with strands of them strewn everywhere, and at the end of the dinner, The Screaming Mimi's managers presented Laura with a plate of 30 fresh water pearls, inside of their original homes!  L-R: Screaming Mimi's Girls J.R. and Nicollette, Laura Wills, Joey Arias, and Brigitte Engler.

What better way to celebrate Screaming Mimi's 30th Anniversary than a dinner at Broadway East, uniting generations of downtown's fashion and nightlife legends under one roof to eat a spectacular dinner, and fete Laura Wills, the owner of Mimi's (and The 66Sick Girl's Surrogate Mom of sorts).  The event, which was organized by the legendary Thomas Onorato, and hosted by Paper Magazine Editor Kim Hastreiter, took place on Tuesday evening, and was attended by all of Mimi's closest friends, including Pat Field, Tatum O'Neil, Isabel and Ruben Toledo, Richie Rich, Tracy Feith, Lynn Yaeger, Michael Musto, and many many more.  We nibbled on BEast's incredibly delicious menu, which included Oysters Rockefeller, Wild Salmon, Blackened Chicken, and a Champaign and Sorbet dessert, while getting to chat with people who've inspired me since I first picked up Paper Magazine when I was twelve years old.  Laura was also treated to a performance by Joey Arias, and after the dinner was finished, guests stayed on to dance as Harley Viera-Newton and Cassie Coane DJ'd.  Afterwards, the entire gang headed over to Six Six Sick at Happy Ending, where we hosted the afterparty.  Here are some pictures that I took of the night (forgive my lack of skills, I'm obviously not a party photographer!), along with some pictures that Paper Magazine Party Photographer Caroline Torem Craig put up on

Two of the best dressed women of the night: Hedde, and Lynn Yaeger.

Screaming Mimi's window dresser extraordinaire, and former Paper Magazine Beautiful Person, Eric Vidmar, wearing horns and jewelry he made himself, and the Screaming Mimi's BFF4L, Cheryl.

Our matchy-matchy male counterparts, Andrew Andrew, messing around with some pearls.

Laura Wills with Joey Arias and Kim Hastreiter.  Photo by Caroline Torem Craig.

Pat Field sandwiched by Isabel and Ruben Toledo.  Photo by Caroline Torem Craig.

Tracy Feith, Pat Field, and Tatum O'Neal.  Photo by Caroline Torem Craig.

66Sick Fairy Godfather, Benjamin Liu and Paper Magazine Editor David Hershkovits, who made my night when he confessed to reading the blog!

Nightlife legend and Heatherette designer, Richie Rich, with a friend.

Our DJs for the evening, Cassie and Harley

Jordan Bunny Kinney and Christina, wearing a corset and a crinoline we borrowed from Mimi's along with tons and tons of pearls.

Screaming Mimi's Girls Jennelle and Alice.  Alice and J.R. later DJ'd the afterparty at Six Six Sick!

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nymph & cloud said...

SO many familiar faces from my teen years/early twenties!!

The Fashion Assistant said...

Patricia Field....god i love her!!

The Fashion Assistant

Mariane M. said...

pat field's hair is mad! i really miss my red hair

Vain and Vapid said...

I always assumed that there really was a Mimi, maybe that was a bit naive.... Is there at least any screaming involved?