Thursday, December 11, 2008

On Your Way to Wang...Make Sure to Stop by 52!

Nicollette wearing her finds: A gigantic Maria Bonita Extra Leather bag with a bottom compartment to put your shoes in for $50, and a pair of Coven heels for $20, which she paired with her Six Six Sick shredded thermal.

So, I'm still in a haze from the Screaming Mimi's 30th Anniversary Party (pictures to come very soon), which was one of the best nights we've ever hosted, featuring all of our extended downtown family, and from Malik's Birthday Party at Bungalow 8 last night. For this entire week, my schedule is devoted to hosting holiday parties at night, and hitting up a sample sale or two during the day. I know. My life is hard. Sometimes I lie in bed hungover and whine about it and my husband tells me to shut up. Anyway, I mentioned earlier this week that Fiftytwo Showroom, the company I freelance for, is holding a sample sale, which started yesterday, and is going till Friday.  There are tons of amazing deals to have, and plenty of great holiday presents for all the women in your life.  I was allowed to pick out three Maria Bonita pieces to take home, and also took a look at all the goodies that are up for sale.   Nicollette also did some major shopping, and we thought we would show you some of our finds and picks!  Remember, the sale is at 52 Walker Street, Fifth Floor, and goes till 7PM on Friday.

Nicollette modeling the plaid Coven pants that she got for $50, along with her $20 strappy Coven shoes.

I picked out this super sweet bow-adorned grey sweater from Maria Bonita Extra, which I got for free, but probably is priced around $50.  I paired it with a ruffle skirt I got in Japan, tons of pearls, and an Arms and Armory necklace.

I'm totally smitten with this Coven skirt.  I might have to pick it up if it's still there this afternoon!

I'm also dying over this maroon Coven sweater, that is covered in chunky braided knit.  So over the top, but it's also super practical and warm.

Call me crazy, but I'm kinda fascinated by this Rosa Cha runway sample that features a metal cutout back.  I'm obsessed with body armor type pieces, and even though this is meant to be a bikini top (really, I need to go to Brazil sometime to see if women there actually wear all these cray-cray things to hang out on the beach), I can imagine so many other ways to wear it as a vest etc.

I love these Coven belts with enameled belt buckles!


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PUG and PIPS said...

i adore that bikini top!

PUG and PIPS said...

Hi tiffany, thanks for the comment regarding my post. I couldn't agree more. If you work out a way to design/make jellyfish inspired jewelery, I will be the first to buy it! Amazing ide


Pammy said...

I covet that metal cut out vest so much.