Sunday, December 14, 2008

Labbit Labbit

Anna Sui marabou vest, VPL cashmere sweater, Prada miniskirt, Marc Jacobs sequined heels, and Chanel sunglasses.

Maybe all of this week's holiday drinks are going to my head, but I'm finding myself very inspired by Marni Spring 09, via the runway-ready rabbit, Fifi Lapin.  So inspired, that I threw on a marabou vest that has been malting away and collecting dust in my closet for a couple of years now, and decided to wear it out to the LaViola Bank Christmas party today.  Just goes to show that if I keep up my current schedule, I will transmogrify into a cartoon character.

In other loony and completely irrelevant style news, my current penchant for winter whites is also apparently shared by T Magazine

Left, Fifi Lapin wearing Marni, right, the actual look from the Marni Spring 09 runway show.

Me, a week from now.

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eva said...

Very cute, very "doll-ish" :)

Ian Brown said...

Who wouldn't want to be a cartoon with an attitude?

woodley park-zoo said...

Ha, I love the week-later Fifi. That's like Fifi's been around the world and seen some things, not just a socialite anymore, eh?