Saturday, December 6, 2008

Inside My Jewelry Closet

Wearing the Givenchy-inspired necklace we made for 66Sick, layered with a multi-chain necklace of my own design, with a Wayne dress, YSL shoes, and Urban Outfitter tights.

Let me start by saying, I haven't purchased any jewelry in the past 3 years, since I became a costume jewelry designer.  After all, it seems a little difficult to justify buying something that I can make myself, just as easily.  That said, I still have amassed quite a collection, many pieces that I have designed for my own collections, or which have come from the company I worked for, Gerard Yosca.  I've also acquired quite a few pieces from my other jewelry designer friends (mainly Christina's Arms and Armory jewelry line), and from costumes that we've made for Six Six Sick.  In fact, my collection is starting to take over my apartment, flooding out of my jewelry closet, and onto my shelves, displayed in bowls and plates Coco Chanel style.

I  think of jewelry as an essential part of any outfit, and in turn have a very diverse collection, one which I think of as a jewelry wardrobe.  I always try to have the perfect piece to match whatever crazy outfit I'm wearing at any given moment, and in this respect, I always favor costume jewelry's size, scale, and general playfulness.  In fact, the only fine jewelry that I wear regularly is my engagement ring (the rest of it is mainly stashed at my parent's house, and never sees the light of day).  Here's a few pictures of a portion of my costume collection.

A plate of broaches, which I like to wear on my jackets and coats, and a Laduree chocolate box full of rings.

My big bowl of bangle bracelets.  I definitely picked up a love for jeweled cuffs, and enameled bracelets at Gerard Yosca.  I also treasure my plastic cuffs from my old jewelry professor, Cara Croninger, who is a living legend.

My collection of long necklaces, which hangs inside my closet.  I love a lot of length---Opera length is my favorite, and always am a fan of bibs and statement necklaces.  I also love bold touches of bright color during the spring, and favor darker jewel-toned stone pieces during the fall.  Lots of fake pearls are also great for that Chanel look.

I keep all the big heavy necklaces that are too large to hang, as well as my chain bracelets and headpieces in this tray.  My favorite pieces are the giant silver necklace in the center that my mom made in the 70's, and the black floral choker I made at F.I.T., which was featured in a spread for an Italian magazine.

I hang all of my earrings from a wire ribbon strung across my closet door.  Here are a selection of danglers, most of them that I made, years ago.  I love long earrings, but I hardly ever wear them since they hurt after a long night out.

My jewelry closet, which contains the bulk of the collection.

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Ivania said...

wooow thats an amazing collection!! I really like all that gold with that pink dress!
I love collecting jewelry.. I have more than 250 pairs of clip earrings just to mention

jojo said...

I liked your Accessories collection ,I think any girl has a special passion with accessories.
so check out my blog , and get a look on my accessories collection =)