Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In Living Color

I'm finally back in New York, and compensating for a weeks worth of shoddy internet access to sit down with my computer, indulge in reading all my favorite blogs, and catch up on writing for this one here.

Last week, my friend Gorjan alerted me to the Swedish line, Noir et Blanc, which started in Spring 08, right after I left Sweden. Do not be deceived---In spite of the name, the collection adds a nice touch of color to the otherwise black-on-black colorstory that largely constitutes Swedish fashion. Living in Stockholm, it was hard not to feel like a circus-clown colored Asian homunculus amongst an army of noirish Marfan Syndrome inflicted supermodels. Most of the statuesque ice queens you see walking down the street (as many of you know from looking at Stockholm Street Style), look like they're kitted out in head-to-toe Rick Owens (but more probably are wearing MONKI, Cheap Monday's wallet friendly high-street style chain), layered on in various shades of black, grey, and greige, with a shock of fur for the winter cold.

Of course, this means that Stockholm is populated almost entirely by very stylish citizens, but it must be said that it gets a bit dull when you're living in a sea of sameness, where every article clothing is readily identifiable, since everybody else is shopping in the same exact place as you are. When I was living there a year ago, the colorful attire was either cheap and chintzy shopping mall fodder made for teenagers, flashy and neon for New Ravers (I don't even know if that term is completely obsolete or not), or made by a non-Swedish label. You'll find that people who have a more diverse pallet often defer to vintage clothing, which is even more popular there than it is stateside, as it often provides the best option for people seeking to opt-out of the monochromatic color scheme.

That said, it is always nice to come across a Swedish designer, who makes all the wonderful, subtly complicated, completely cerebral, but entirely wearable clothes that contemporary Swedish designers are supposed to make, but with that eccentric burst of color or print that is so often lacking. I immediately fell in love with the balloon-hipped color-paneled skirt as well as the blotchy black and white prints that liven up their skirts and dresses. Plus, there is a fair share of black, to make everybody happy....


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Frou Flu said...

i love the skirts!!!:)

Grace Young said...

I never knew Cheap Monday had another branch. I looked at the clothes and they are all fantastic!

I just found your blog. How long did you live in Sweden?

May Kasahara said...

love that first shot.

happy new year*

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Cheap Monday's other brand, MONKI, is only in Sweden as far as I know, but I read in WWD that it was acquired by H&M a couple of months ago, so I'm hoping we'll be seeing it stateside eventually! I lived in Stockholm for 3 months , since my husband is Swedish, but now he's relocated here permanently.

Hope you all have a Happy New Years!


The Six Six Sick Girls said...
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Fashion Is Poison said...

heeeey! i will be in NYC for fashion week!!!!!! sooo excited! :D