Friday, December 5, 2008

Child's Play

Anyone who has ever set foot in my childhood bedroom knows that I have a special place in my heart for stuffed animals of every color, shape, and size, and my hobby of collecting shoes was long predated by my hobby of collecting Teddy Bears.  Maybe that's why I'm so drawn to several Enfant Terrible style pieces that have recently been released by designers ranging from Rick Owens to Peter Jensen, and which are the perfect inspiration for bringing out the sinister kiddie within.

Rick Owen's "Fur Monster" is your favorite childhood toy, complete with snaggle tooth and missing eye, but upgraded with some seriously plush mink fur.  It also contains a hidden pouch, perfect for storing all your secrets.  At $700, it's probably not suitable for drooling tots, but definitely a perfect Mother's Little Helper.

This Kap Pow Wow ruffled leatherette necklace is simultaneously evocative of Lanvin, and the frilly ruffled collars that adorned many of my favorite frocks as a wee young party girl. $136 at Pixie Market.

Peter Jensen's Plush Horse Bag is your favorite hobby horse turned into a carryall.  $224 at Creatures of Comfort.

Finally, here's a clip from Salvador Dali's 1940's collaboration with Walt Disney, Destino.  This beatifically trippy short cartoon is charming enough for children, yet enthralling enough for adults to enjoy.


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1 comment:

woodley park-zoo said...

The Dali cartoon is AMAZING... I love love love love love it, so much symbolism to ponder. Rick Owens snaggletoof is pretty cute too!