Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ar Du Vampyre?: DIY Gothic Ninja

Lulu wearing a 66Sick top with Rick Owens leather jacket, Forever 21 layering cardigan and shoes, Hanes men's t-shirt, diy fingerless gloves, Little Rooms necklace.

So, all of you readers of Lulu's blog might be wondering what ever happened to her visit to New York, and her stint guest hosting with us at Le Royale for a night.  I had been waiting for pictures of us together in our matching outfits to surface, but none of them ever did, except for couple of lone ones of myself looking like the arse-up loser of a Gothic Miss Chinatown pageant.  Even though I'm not adverse to posting some unflattering photographs of myself , I will spare myself the humiliation of posting them. Anyway, I totally forgot about the entire thing until I saw that Lulu had posted a picture of herself wearing the 66Sick top that we had made for the night, and I thought it would be a good time to revisit the look.

Before Lulu got here, I asked her for some inspiration for the outfit, and she suggested "Gothic Ninja," and sent over a couple of pictures of BOYS dressed in some hot street style Ninja wear.  I have to say, Christina and I were both a bit confounded by the challenge.  Gothic is a common trope in many of our 66Sick outfits, as well as in what we wear in general, but Ninja?  Even though we're obviously all Asian, we almost never draw on our cultural background as a source of sartorial inspiration (unless CDG counts).  And while the boys looked hot in their outfits, how do their looks translate into something that will look good on a gaggle of super-short girls?

We opted to go for a Rick Owens style look, and Christina bought a bunch of crinkly jersey, which she cut into giant rectangles, with two armholes.  The result was a large draping vest of sorts, which we belted and threw over leggings.  I stitched together some chiffon ruffs (which have since been destroyed, and hence, not pictured), which we wore around our heads as headscarves, Camilla Staerk style.  We finished off with dark red lips, and the end result was somewhat Vampire-Ninja.  I certainly feel like we wouldn't look out of place falling from the sky to pounce on unsuspecting victims, like the girl in the Swedish child vampire love story, Let The Right One In.  

How we wore the original outfit: 66Sick top paired with American Apparel black leggings, an H&M belt, and Tara Subkoff for Easyspirit lace-up boots.

"I just ate somebody" style makeup and frightening face finished off the look for the night.

The top was essentially a large rectangular piece of fabric with two armholes cut into it.

The trailer for Swedish vampire film "Let the Right One In"


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Song of Style said...

i wish i looked good in dark lipstick


Great outfit! I'm confused though, where does your head go in relation to the armholes and fabric? Want to make me a really happy camper and do a little tutorial? (:


Oh and the trailer for the Swedish film looks/sounds really good. I don't understand a word of Swedish but I hope I can get my hands on a DVD with subtitles...

Ian Brown said...

Gothic Ninja sounds pretty challenging to me. I think your tunic style blouse(wrap? vest? vest-wrap?) does the trick though.

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Something Picasso:

Your head goes at the end near the armholes. There is no real neckhole---once you stick your arms in the armholes, it just losely drapes around the rest of your body. You can wear it open like a vest, or if you want to wear it as a top, just put a belt over it. To give you a sense of scale, the fabric is about 5 feet long and 3 feet high, so that there's plenty of extra fabric for creating that draping effect. The armholes are about a foot apart. It's a really easy project, and you can have a lot of fun playing with it. Sorry for the shoddy explanation. If Christina took any pictures while she was making them, I will tell her to post them! Let me know if you have any more questions, and definitely show us the results if you try your hand at it!!!