Monday, December 15, 2008


Wearing a 66Sick deconstructed plaid shirt, Damaris floral bra, Kate Moss for Topshop Leather Jacket, Kova & T lace leggings, Burberry patent leather booties, Alexander McQueen scarf, Arms & Armory necklace, and Banana Republic cashmere armwarmers.

What is it about youth in revolt that we find so eternally romantic?  1981 was the year I was born (yes, I am old), and it also happens to be around the same time that two legendary teenage cult classics were made, the tale of the original Riot Grrrl rockbandLadies and Gentlemen: The Fabulous Stains, and the completely devastating German shocker about heroin addicted teenagers, Christiane F.  If you haven't seen either, I suggest you go out and rent them immediately, although I will warn you, Christiane F makes Trainspotting look like a Disney Afternoon Adventure cartoon by comparison.  Both feature amazing soundtracks, and David Bowie appeared in Christiane F, while members of the Sex Pistols and The Clash acted as a fake punk band in The Fabulous Stains.

Additionally, both feature the grungy glam rock looks of the mid 70's and early 80's, and while Christiane F controversially spawned a cult of teenage girls who tried to emulate the strung-out heroin chic of the movie's star, The Fabulous Stains continues to influence fashion today.  While the debate on whether the "tights as pants" look is acceptable or not rages on, one only has to look at Corinne "Third Degree" Burns, to know that those girls wholeheartedly endorse it.  And while I have no interest in shooting anything into my veins (and am even more horrified my the prospect after watching the graphic depictions in Christiane F), I can't help be a little bit sartorially inspired by both films.

For today's 65 C weather, I threw on one of my favorite 66Sick pieces of all time, a deconstructed plaid shirt we made a year ago in honor of our friend Jackson Pollis.  To make the shirt, we bought three completely different red plaid shirts of approximately the same size, cut off the plackets, collars and cuffs, and put them back together mismatched.  It's one of those pieces I go back to time after time, and still serves as a perfect tribute to all the Riot Grrrls of yesteryear.

The deconstructed shirt is open at the front, where it separates from the collar and the placket.

The shirt is also completely open in the back.

The trailer for Ladies and Gentlemen: The Fabulous Stains

The trailer for Christiane F.


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TheMinx said...

amazing shirt, the whole look is ridiculously fierce. Great blog!

K-Larz said...

I'm in love with that plaid shirt

The Mess said...

thats a great deconstucted button down