Sunday, November 16, 2008

Turning Spring Into Fall

Wearing my Chloe dress, an Araks romper, an open-back Topshop Unique cardigan, Lanvin boots, Banana Republic armwarmers, and a crown, waterfall necklace and crucifix brass knuckle ring set that I designed for my final collection at F.I.T.

Tonight, as some of you may know, was the Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards.  Sadly, Robot Rock, the party we promote on Fridays at Le Royale, didn't win the People's Choice Award that it was nominated for this year, but Six Six Sick won Best New Party last year, so I suppose we can't be too greedy.  I would lie if I said we weren't disappointed, but it was good to spend the night hanging out with all the lovely kids from GBH, who in my mind will always be the grandaddies of New York nightlife, and all of the other amazing nightlife lovelies that form our second family.   We were also very happy to see our friends at Santo's Party House win Best Club, and Nicky Digital win the prize for Best Party Photographer---it's about time!!!

On the plus side I got to wear my new Chloe dress, which I used as an exercise for turning something very seasonal and spring oriented into something appropriate for fall weather.  I decided to wear it with a draping Topshop Unique sweater that I live in, and some cozy armwarmers, all in shades of grey that matched the dress, hoping that it would add a little weight and warmth, so that the dress wouldn't look so light and diaphanous.  I finished off with all my favorite jewelry pieces that I designed for my final collection at F.I.T., including my beloved crown that took forever to engineer, resulting in a somewhat modern take on the Lord of the Rings fairy look.  Sometimes I really love the way those Dungeon and Dragon geeks dress...

Before leaving, I layered on my vintage wool cape and an H&M circle scarf.

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Gnarlitude Jen said...

The Chloe dress was obviously the best purchase ever and I love the way you layer this all together so perfectly. Throwing the cape over it just made the whole look even more amazing, if that's possible.

jennine said...

that headpiece is amazing!

nymph & cloud said...

hello. i hope you do not mind i've added your blog to my links to blog i enjoy reading.
it is difficult to know how to stand out amongst the sea of strangers who would like you to return the favour and link to spread the word, but i would venture to say that you would appreciate reading my blog as i do yours if you gave it a glance. thank you. :)

WendyB said...

Chloe dress is awesome.