Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Time Is Upon Us...

Yesterday, Racked released some images from the H&M's midtown flagship store, featuring windows filled with the new Comme Des Garcon collection. The pictures weren't that noteworthy, considering that we've already been inundated by images of the line, but a very discreet sign limiting the number of items customers are allowed to buy caught my attention. Apparently you are only allowed to buy two of each style, allowing you to buy one for yourself, and say, one for your best friend who wasn't able to make it. Having braved the police-raided Stella McCartney sale, and the shove-crazy Victor & Rolf madness (I totally passed on Cavalli), I know that in addition to fashion frenzied women, their are loads of eBay buyers in the house, who are always recognizable since they grab indiscriminately at clothes without regards to size, color, or style, and haul them out in huge bags that will fetch them a nice profit online. I've always hated this, and I'm glad that H&M has finally decided to regulate (in true Swedish style), ensuring that the real CDG fans all get a chance to participate in the madness.  Good luck kids, I'll see you tomorrow!


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